Offerings in biological, earth and space and physical science are presented. Students shall examine all offerings carefully. Choose the courses that will help further your career aspirations. The Rules of the State Board of Education require four (4) credits in science for graduation from Indiana high schools. The rules further specify that these four (4) credits shall include content from more than one of the major science discipline categories, such as the Life Sciences, the Earth/Space Sciences, and the Physical Sciences. Animal Science or Plant and Soil Science in the Agricultural Education Department may take the place of Life Science in the Science Department. These courses will NOT count toward the Core 40 or Academic Honors Diploma requirement for science. The science requirement for Core 40 and the Academic Honors Diploma, as defined in the rules and resolutions of the State Board of Education, includes six (6) credits in the following laboratory science courses:

Biology I (2 Credits); Chemistry or Physics (2 Credits); Chemistry, Physics, Earth/Space Science, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, Anatomy & Physiology or Physics (2 Credits) – Total of 6 Credits

FCHS science dept offers dual credit courses for anatomy and physiology, chemistry II, biology II, AP Bio and AP chem thru Ivy Tech.

1. B average in 7th and 8th grade Science.
2. Algebra I (minimum grade of a B)
3. 8th grade science teacher recommendation

Appeals for a waiver to any of the above criteria shall be made initially to the FCHS science department chair and the FCHS Building Principal. This decision is final. Selection of students other than freshmen will be on an individual basis with the science department in consultation with the school counseling department and the Building Principal. Students in science classes will be responsible to have special protective eyewear. Protective glasses may be purchased from the FCHS bookstore.