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A Message from Mr. Isaacs, FCHS Principal

Franklin County High School has had a great start to the school year. We received our school grade from the state a few weeks ago. Although FCHS earned an overall grade of B (89.6%) this year, we were only .4% away from an A. If we had had seven more sophomores pass the ISTEP in either English or math, we would have reached this goal of an “A.” In terms of improvement and growth, we are quite pleased. The high school performed well in three of the four areas. We received all possible points for our Graduation Rate of 91.8%, College and Career Readiness of 75.4%, and we received 95.6 points from our 91.3% Growth in math and 99.8% growth in English.The one category where we continue to focus is with standardized testing. In English, our ISTEP scores improved 9.1%. We had 64.1% of our students pass the English portion of the ISTEP test. Math scores also improved by 8%. On the math ISTEP, 34.7% of students passed. Even though we know that all students have different learning styles and aptitudes, the Department of Education only evaluates two categories: English and math.

We continue to work with our students to prepare them for these tests as well as preparation for the next step after high school through NWEA assessments and data, updated curriculum, implementation of college and career readiness standards, and implementation of more active learning strategies/activities. We ask that our parents continue to encourage their sons and daughters to also work hard both in the classroom and in their daily lives to improve. We ask students to stay focused, to do their best, and to have positive attitudes about school and with testing. Completing daily homework assignments, listening in class, 

participating in class discussions, and reading twenty minutes a day will help students succeed now and in the future. With all of us working together as a team, Franklin County High School will become an “A” school.


If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Franklin County High School office by phone 765-647-4101 or email

Your principal,

Mr. Keith Isaacs


“We exist so children can excel.”



Please take the time to read our Fall 2017 FCHS Newsletter.  Inside, you’ll find highlights from the semester from around the school.



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We have been provided with the best facilities. Our staff is caring, dedicated and highly qualified. There is no substitute for high expectations and achievement. It is important that we set challenging goals and work to reach them. Building a strong foundation of skills in communication, reading, writing, thinking, physical fitness, technology, and the ability to work with a team are a critical part of student life at Franklin County High School.

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