The math department offers many different courses starting with Algebra I. The Honors program is designed for those
students who are math oriented and can maintain grades of B- or better. Anyone completing this series will be well
qualified for any college program requiring a strong math background. The department also offers a regular curriculum
for those students that will pursue post-secondary education but may not be math oriented. Based on student
performance at the end of 1st semester, students may be recommended for a placement change into the appropriate
math level.

In order to continue taking courses in the Honors curriculum of mathematics, students must complete the Honors
above it on the chart located in the academic handbook and be recommended by the teacher. For example, students may not take Geometry and
then Algebra II Honors.

Any middle school math student who has maintained at least a B average in Algebra I and/or Geometry (at the high
school level) may earn 2 high school math credits per class. Algebra I and/or Geometry will be included on the high
school transcript and the grades will be included in their cumulative GPA.