Fine Arts & Visual Arts

Music Courses

Music classes are available for every type of student. Many will choose to become members of the FCHS Band, and others
will be interested in vocal music or music appreciation. Our facility enables students to take piano lessons in our
keyboard classes. By offering a variety of choices in both music and art, the faculty hopes to encourage each student to
find and develop his/her talent as much as possible. Students are also able to take Honors Band or Honors Chorus. The
Honors courses require additional requirements than the regular courses.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts involve a progression of courses allowing students to pursue and expand on specific areas of study in either
the two-dimensional or three-dimensional field. Advanced courses, denoted as level II, may only be taken by juniors or
seniors who have earned a B or better in the corresponding intermediate level courses, taken at least two of these courses,
and those who have submitted an electronic portfolio; thus earning departmental approval.