Summer Reading Program

The Indiana DOE requires four years (eight credits) of language arts for graduation from high school. Students planning on
attending a four-year college are strongly encouraged to enter the honors track.* Students will enroll in their grade-level
appropriate course each year until their senior year. During the senior year, students will select two electives to complete
that year.

*Honors track students must meet the following requirements each year to enroll: 1) maintain a minimum of 80% average
in English, 2) have a NWEA score at or above the minimum for that course as outlined in the course descriptions, and 3)
complete all summer reading requirements. Dual credit courses also have a 3.0 GPA requirement.
Incoming Freshmen wishing to enter English 9 Honors must have a minimum NWEA score of 228 by the end of their 8th
grade year.