About FCHS

Franklin County High School
1 Wildcat Lane – Brookville, IN  47012
Phone 765-647-4101 (Toll Free) 800-647-3247
Fax 765-647-2732

Franklin County High School is located in Brookville, Indiana. FCHS’s Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on May 24, 1987. FCHS opened its doors to students for the first time in 1989. FCHS stands as a symbol of unity in Franklin County as students from several communities including Andersonville, Brookville, Cedar Grove, Laurel, Metamora, and Mount Carmel come together.

Franklin County High School Mission Statement

Franklin County High School, in partnership with students, parents, and the community, will educate and encourage all students to reach their full potential and become successful contributors to society.

Franklin County High School Vision Statement

Graduates of Franklin County High School will become successful, productive members of society.

Franklin County High School’s Belief Statement

  • All students, parents (guardians), school staff, and community
    must share responsibility and be engaged in the learning process
    for academic success.
  • Positive parental attitudes and involvement improve student
    success and increase student interest, motivation, and achievement.
  • Everyone associated with Franklin County High School and its
    programs will be treated with respect at all times.
  • All students should be provided a safe, orderly, and positive
    learning environment.
  • All Franklin County High School students can learn and achieve.