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Attendance Policy:

Regular school attendance is essential for success in the classroom and helps to develop patterns of attendance that  carry on into the workplace. Any absence, unexcused, excused, or exempted, can affect the student’s academic  performance due to lost instructional time. Indiana’s Compulsory Attendance Law IC 20-33-2 requires students to  attend school each year for the number of days the school is in session. IC 20-33-2-27 and 28, specify it is the  parent’s responsibility and duty to ensure that their child attends school.

Review the student handbook for detailed guidance on the FCCSC Attendance Policy.

School Communication Resources:


Nixle is a secure communications service available to municipal, county, and state government agencies. Franklin County Community Schools utilizes this service to send important messages via text to anyone in the community.  This is a great resource for caregivers of FCCSC students so you will be notified of school closing and delays as well as bussing delays.  Click the following link for directions on setting up Nixle.  Nixle Setup

Non-Resident Transfer Students:

Franklin County Community Schools welcomes non-resident transfer students.  To get started, please complete the Non-Resident Transfer Application and submit to the Franklin County Community School Corporation Administrative Office at 225 E 10th Street in Brookville.

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 Social Networking

As children, teenagers, and young adults become more engaged with the technology of “Social Networking,” we want to encourage parents/guardians to view a new, informative safety website called, Facebook Safety Center.  Please take some time with your child to browse this website and discuss together its content.  It is very critical that parents/guardians are aware of what their children are viewing, reading, and sending on these Social Networking sites.  This is a great teachable moment/opportunity to assist your child with both the benefits and concerns of social networking.

Facebook Safety Center

Privacy, Identity & Online Security


 Drug and Alcohol Information

The Franklin County Community School Corporation along with the Franklin county Sheriff’s Department, Ministerial Association, Stayin’ Alive, and Community Mental Health are joining together to raise awareness about the devastating effects of drug and alcohol use among our youth.  We are providing this information to help bring awareness to our community.  Please use these resources to educate yourself about the warning signs and dangers of drug and alcohol use.  We encourage you to use these resources to begin a conversation with your child.  Together, with your help, we can make a difference.

Get Smart About Drugs:  A DEA Resource for Parents