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Flu Season is Here!

Flu season is here, and as expected, it's severe.  Illness levels are already as high as what we normally see in January (the height of a typlical flu season).  Please consider getting your flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster for a healthy holiday season.

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Health Tip of the Week

Common Colds continue to increase across the country.  Though mostly affecting children, cold activity is starting to increase in the adult population as well.  To avoid catching a cold, disinfect frequently and wash hands often until illness cools down.

Telehealth Services

Franklin County Community Schools, in partnership with Margaret Mary Health, the Franklin County Community Foundation and the United Way of Franklin County, offers school-based telehealth services to our students.  This means your child has the opportunity to be seen by a licensed healthcare provider without having to leave school.

A flyer with additional information is available or you can visit the Margaret Mary Health Telehealth Services Website.

MMH School-Based Telehealth

Indiana 2024-2025 Required Immunizations and Recommended School Immunizations

24-25 Immunization Requirements