FCHS to utilize Remote Learning 8/30 – 9/3

Franklin County High School will not have students in the building next week (8/30 – 9/3) due to the rise in COVID positives.  The high school will follow the same criteria as last year when it comes to providing education to our students.  You can find details in the attached file. Teachers may provide live lessons via Google Meet with students during the normal class period time frame.

Students, check your email daily and download any assignments you will need on Canvas before leaving on Friday if you do not have internet access available at home.

FCHS knows that not all students will have access to the internet at all times. Students are being directed to download any material they will need for offline work.  Students were notified during 7th period and during IMPACT.

All staff will be in the building next week to answer emails and facilitate remote learning.

Remote Learning Expectations


As of 8/27 at 1:38 PM, this is for FCHS only. All other buildings are operating as normal.