Wildcat Pulse – February 2023

FCHS Pulse

February 13, 2023

We exist so children can excel.

Fantastic February at FCHS!

Welcome to a Fantastic February. Students are continuing to be challenged and engaged in classes.  Students have proved that they are ready to learn, working to reach their highest potential, and helping each other along the way.  We are very proud of the accomplishments of each and every student here at FCHS. A big shout out goes to the following educators for being nominated for ISTAR Recognition by their students:  Allyson Andre who nominated Katie DeGrazia, Jacob Hensley who nominated Sharon Volk, and Derek Brimhall who nominated Cindy Andrews! CONGRATULATIONS! These students and teachers will be recognized on March 8, 2023 at Connersville High School. Parents/Guardians, please stay connected with FCHS through our FCHS website and FCHS Facebook page. 

Notes from the FCHS Staff:

From Patxi and Sra. Tincher: 

Spanish Club members had a great time at their February meeting making Spanish Valentine cards, listening to romantic Spanish music, and of course eating chocolate and heart shaped cookies before striking a pose in front of the photo booth area. ¡Feliz Día del Amor y Amistad!

Sra. Tincher’s Spanish 2 students have also been busy learning about the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo and the Guerra Sucia (Dirty War) in Argentina from 1976 – 1983.  They learned lots of details about this historical topic, the disappearance of 30K innocent victims, and the United States’ role during that time through a variety of means, including presentations, Spanish lectures, authentic videos, and  interviews from these brave activists. Students are able to demonstrate proficiency in this content through interpersonal speaking and presentation writing in the target language. 

From Mrs. Tincher: Scheduling of classes for next year is in full swing, so in an effort to recruit for next year, the following students in Sra. Tincher’s Spanish 2 and 3 classes participated in the Department of World Languages QR code “Take a Chinese or Spanish class next year” poster blitz. The QR codes on these students’ posters, along with several of Patxi’s and Mrs.Yan’s students’, link to student testimonial videos describing the benefits of learning another language in high school. These posters have been a popular site in the hallways of FCHS, and all of the WL teachers hope to see lots of new faces in Chinese and Spanish class next year!

Sra. Tincher’s period 1 and 2  participants:

Sra. Tincher’s period 4, 5, and 7 participants:

From Mrs. BarricklowSerena Silas  has been chosen as the  February  Student of the Month for Preparing for College and Careers.  Serena engages in class by answering questions. She is very organized and does great work on a daily basis.  Congratulations, Serena, on a job well done!!

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Brooke Lewis as her February Student of the Month for the Internship Class.  Brooke has been an intern with the counselor all year at Laurel School. She has done an amazing job! Brooke is a very mature and hard-working young lady.  Brooke gives 100% in class and is always engaged. She is kind and always looks out for the needs of others. Great job, Brooke!!

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Alexis Boggs as her February Student of the Month for Advanced Child Development. Lexie is engaged at all times in class, answering questions and adding to the conversations.  She is kind to everyone and always has a smile on her face.  She is a joy to have in class.  Congratulations, Lexie, on a job well done.  Keep up the great work!

From Mrs. Kaiser: Cydney Moorehead is the Preparing for College and Career nominee for February this month. Cydney is very dedicated and works hard. She is a positive student with a sweet smile. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Madison Parkhurst is the Advanced Nutrition and Wellness II class nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser. Maddi is a well deserved student. She is a positive student and is working really hard this year. Congratulations and keep up the good work! 

Alyssa Rapp is the Fashion and Textiles nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser. Alyssa does great work in class. She is a very dedicated student with a cute smile. Congratulations and keep up the good work! 

From Mrs. Hignite: Visual Art students for the month of February are Rianna Gegner and Claire Maxie. Congratulations to both of you! Intro to 2D students are working on the Color Wheel Rose Window project. Intro to 3D students are transforming two-dimensional drawings into three-dimensional forms. Jewelry students are creating polymer clay and paper beads. Sculpture students continue their work on the Mockingjay Project. Mrs. Yan, Patxi, and Sra. Tincher are proud to recognize the following individuals as outstanding students for the month of February.

Mason Wewe: Spanish 1, Andrew Morgan: Spanish 2, Dorothy Wendel: Chinese 2

From Mrs. Schneider: See what is happening in Science:

BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes have been modeling in multiple ways how biological characteristics and genetics of populations change over time.  They tried their hand at adaptations of bird beaks in the lab and as a result, calculated allele frequencies as evidence of changes over time in populations.  

APHY 101/102 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students focused in the month of January on the Cardiovascular system of the body and the components of blood.  They built models of blood composition and analyzed simulated blood typing results and compatibility for blood transfusion.    

BIOL 105 – AP Biology

AP Biology students spent the month of January studying cell signaling and communication, as well as cell division and regulation.  They tested the ability of the taste receptors on their tongue to detect various tastes and the process of the cell communication involved.  They also tested the effect of caffeine on cell division of onion roots to show how cell signaling connects to cell division and growth.  

Early College Classes

All Early College cohorts focused on setting SMART goals for the spring semester  Students learned about effective strategies to set measurable, attainable, and timely goals, which they will track their progress toward throughout the semester. Each class contributed to our goals display, shown below. 

 From Mrs. Wirtz: JAG: I am so proud of each of the students that went on Friday, February 3, 2023, to compete in the Region 9 Career Development Conference.  They represented Franklin County very well.  The 1st place winners will be moving on to the state competition in March in Indianapolis. The results are:

Entrepreneurship Plan – Conner Tedtman and Messiah Burkhart  Honorable Mention

Project Based Learning (PBL) – Madison Merritt – 1st Place

Career Presentation – Piper Twiggs – 1st Place

Creative Solutions – Isaiah Lee – 1st Place

Critical Thinking – Evan Taylor

Employability Skills – Kirstin Clark

Financial Literacy – Kendal Cain – 2nd Place

Outstanding Senior – Shelby Beneker – Honorable Mention

Public Speaking – Karly Bergin

Writing Skills – Savannah Williams

Brochure – MaKayla Reese – Honorable Mention

Commercial – Adam Mace – Honorable Mention

Cover Design & Save the Date – Brooke Lewis



From FCHS: Please see our outstanding athletic events scheduled this week: https://franklincountyathletics.com/

To all of the Parents/ Guardians: Thank you for the privilege to instruct your children.

-FCHS Staff and Administration