Wildcat Pulse – January 2022

FCHS Pulse

January 17, 2023

We exist so children can excel.

Joyful January is here at FCHS!

Welcome to Joyful January! Students have come back rejuvenated, positive, and ready to learn! Classrooms are filled with the joyful presence of energy and enthusiasm among the students and staff. 

Our FCHS teachers are busy once again constructing lessons that will provide positive learning opportunities for each and every child. Teachers are raising the rigor and providing support for students so each student can succeed. This month embraces opportunities for our academic, technical, agricultural, business, JAG, music and sports programs to prepare students to exhibit the joy of learning as they continue to be challenged and grow to be productive members of society. 

Please join us in celebrating the joy of teaching your child and partnering with FCHS. There are many ways to connect and keep informed through our FCHS Facebook page and the FCHS website for more updates about the great successes here at FCHS. To all Parents/ Guardians: Thank you for all of your support and have a Wonderful New Year. 

Notes from the FCHS Staff:

World Language Students of the Month for January, 2023

From Mrs. Tincher: The FCHS Department of World Languages is proud to recognize the following students of the month for January: Bailey Harrison, Chinese 1; Crystal Calihan, Spanish 3; Gabrielle Iles, Spanish 1. We are very proud and lucky to have these three students represent excellence in our department for the month of January.

From Mrs. Barricklow: Preparing for College and Careers students and senior internship students practiced their interviewing skills during our mock interviews in class! 

From the Math Department: Quarter 2 Model Mathematicians are…

Ms. Erfman’s class Carlie Ball

Mr. Davidson’s class Aiden King

From Mrs. Volk’ class Logan Spurlock

Ms. Libecap’s class Brooke Rose

Mrs. Sherwood’s class James Rowland


From Mrs. Schneider: See what is happening in Science

Congratulations to all of you!!!

 BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes spent the month of December wrapping up their unit on Cell Processes and DNA, as well as preparing for their midterm exam for Ivy Tech.  

APHY 101/102 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students wrapped up semester 1 with studying senses and the nervous system.   They tested various senses and modeled the process of how these senses collect information for the nervous system to use.  For semester 1, 31 students earned a cumulative total of 93 college credits for APHY 101!  

BIOL 105 – AP Biology

AP Biology students spent the month of December wrapping up their unit on Cell Energy, specifically the factors that affect photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  They tested these factors in the lab; and also prepared for their midterm exam for Ivy Tech. 

Early College Class of 2024

The Early College Class of 2024 finished the semester with focusing on various colleges and/or programs they are associated with or are interested in for post-secondary education.  Students created a collage focusing on those schools to represent their individual interests.  Early College students are beginning the new semester with learning style inventories and SMART goal setting to start their new semester strong. 

From Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Herbert:  Dept. of Technology and Engineering

Students of the Month

Construction – Joseph Bommer

Manufacturing – Gus Ruble

Transportation – Brayton Hofer

Engineering –  Ethan Welke

Computer Science – Cole Kelley

Intro to Construction

Students were busy working in the lab on the wall and roof sheeting activity on their teams’ structures.  Students used the principles and correct practices of wall and roof sheeting as well as the appropriate terminology to complete these activities.  Construction teams are beginning the roofing materials activity.


Intro to Manufacturing

Students completed the Mass Production activity.  Using mass production principles (assembly line, jigs, fixtures, etc.), students mass produced wooden crates.  Students then evaluated the production run to determine what was successful and what could be improved.  Students also learned marketing principles as they advertised and sold the product.


Intro to Transportation

Students completed the CO2 Dragster Challenge.  Students used the principles of aerodynamics/drag/friction/weight to design and create their dragsters.   

Computer Science I – Students are practicing creating new algorithms to solve problems such as
finding a winning ticket in as few steps as possible. This activity helps to increase their computational
thinking skills.

Computer Science II – Students are creating unique data visualizations on the Theater package in
Java. Students get to pick their own data and create visual effects that are analyzed using code.

Intro to Engineering Design – Students are learning about the elements and principles of design
while reverse engineering a product.

Principles of Engineering – Students are constructing robotic test beds to discover how
programming works. They are testing sensors and motors so that they can build robot projects to solve
problems next month.

From the Social Studies Department: Teachers and students across the state prioritized financial education and participated in the SIFMA Foundation’s Stock Market Game program this past Fall. As a result, FCHS students were among The Indiana Stock Market Game Winners – Congratulations!  FCHS students who ranked 14th out of 563 teams in the region were: 

Josh Propes, Jay Schallick, and Nick Shaw

FCHS students who ranked 20th out of 563 teams in the region:

Connor Tedtman, Joe Sacksteder,Hayden Barrett, and Dawson Durham 

 From Mrs. Shaver

Parent Information Night is coming up! It will be on Thursday, January 26, from 6-8 P.M. here at FCHS!

From Mr. Hofer: Congratulations to those who will be participating in the FCHS musical production of The Sound of Music on April 14th, 15th, and 16th.

From Mr. Williams: Congratulations to Lauren Siebert and Jake Bulmer who have been selected to participate in the Indiana All State Choir!

From Mr. Dorrel: Congratulations to our wrestling team for finishing 2nd in the EIAC tournament on Saturday.  Colin Troyer, Cole Freese, and Hayden Newell each were crowned individual champions!

Schedule for this week of 1-18 -23 

Wednesday – Wrestling @ South Dearborn 6:00

Wednesday – Girls Basketball @ Perry Meridian 6:00 JV Tip

Wednesday – Boys Freshman Basketball @ Home vs Lincoln 6:00 Tip

Thursday- Boys Freshman Basketball @ Richmond 6:00 Tip

Thursday – Girls Freshman Basketball @ Randolph Southern vs Winchester JV 6:00 Tip

Friday – Boys Basketball @ Batesville 6:00 JV Tip

Saturday – Girls Basketball @ Home vs Bishop Chatard 12:00 JV Tip

Saturday – Girls Freshman Basketball @ Union County 4:45 Tip

To the Parents/ Guardians of FCHS: Thank you for allowing us the privilege to instruct your children. 

-FCHS Staff and Administration