Wildcat Pulse – December 2022

We exist so children can excel.

Here are your monthly sights and sounds from Franklin County High School for September 2022. If you would like your photos to be featured, be sure to send them to dherbert@fccsc.k12.in.us with the subject FCHS Pulse.

Welcome to the Holiday season from FCHS.

This month has brought many celebrations among all of our students. We are so proud of them as they have shown their Wildcat Pride diligently to prepare for finals, played beautifully at the band concert, overcame some tough competition in girls and boys basketball and wrestling matches, and have volunteered to help serve the community in the spirit of the Christmas season. Our students are going to finish strong this semester and begin a new season of learning come January. We thank the Parents/ Guardians for your support and would like to remind you to follow us on the FCHS Facebook page and the FCHS website for more updates about the great successes here at FCHS. To all Parents/ Guardians: Have a safe and Happy Holidays and a Very Merry Christmas.  

Notes from the FCHS Staff:

From Mrs. Hignite: FCHS Visual Arts- December Drawing students are continuing to work on their Kehinde Wiley inspired self-portraits. Intro to 2D students are cutting stencils in preparation for screen printing tee shirts. Intro to 3D students explored the history of Venetian masks and are in the process of creating their own mask. Ceramic students are creating tea sets. Art students for the month of December are: Messiah Burkhart and Cordelia Snyder.

From Mrs. Schneider:

BIOL 105 – AP Biology

AP Biology students have been focusing on cellular energy and enzymes.  Students have investigated reaction rates and collected data from the addition of an enzyme to connect concepts of biological reactions, specifically photosynthesis and cellular respiration. 

BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes have been focusing on DNA and protein synthesis.  Students extracted DNA from strawberries and are focusing on how the DNA holds the information for proteins to be made in the cell.  Students are investigating mutations and their potential effect in an organism. 

APHY 101 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students have been studying the nervous system and senses.  They have applied the sensory input of the peripheral nervous system and the output

 of motor neurons by testing their reaction times, as well as how reaction times are hindered by distractions such as texting. 

From Mrs. DeGrazia: The Early College Student of the Month is Kelly Glardon. Congratulations!

From Mrs. Kaiser and the FCCLA:

FCCLA Collects Can Goods

On October 31, Franklin County High School FCCLA members went Trick or Treat for a very good cause. The Family, Careers and Community Leaders of America under the supervision of adviser Beth Kaiser, collected canned goods and paper products from the nearby area homes. The members were able to collect several hundred can goods and paper products in grocery bags. All the canned goods will go to the Food Pantry and all the paper products went to New Mercy. Thank you FCCLA members and the town of Brookville for your generosity.

From Mr. Johnson:

This November the FCHS Band had a total of 9 students participate in honor bands sponsored by the Indiana Bandmasters Association.  Selected for the All-Region Band held in Greensburg were Hailey Brown, Ava Reese, Izzie Riffle, Bridgett Harrison, and Hailey Walston.  Selected for the All-District Band held in New Castle were Ryan Johnson, Elijah Dean, Jacoba Hensley, and Bethany Noah.



Mr. Baldwin/ Mr. Hebert:  Dept of Technology and Engineering

December Students of the Month

Construction – Brylon Kruthaupt

Manufacturing –Jaeden Thorp

Transportation – Travis Schwartz

Engineering –  Cord Henley

Computer Science – Owen Harvey

Intro to Construction

Students were busy working in the lab on the wall framing activity and roof framing activity on their teams structures.  Students used the principles and correct practices of wall and roof framing as well as the appropriate terminology to complete these activities.  


Intro to Manufacturing

Students completed the Mass Production activity.  Using mass production principles (assembly line, jigs, fixtures, etc.), students mass produced candy jar dispensers.  Students then evaluated and made comparisons between Custom Manufacturing Activity(Bluebird Nesting Box) and Mass Production(Candy Jar Dispensers)

Intro to Transportation Students completed the Boat Hull Design Activity.  Students were challenged to design a boat hull that would hold the largest percentage of weight.  Students used the principles of buoyancy and displacement to design and create the hull designs.  

Top three designs:  1st – Joseph Bommer (366%), 2nd –  Marcus Kemp (286%), 3rd Ethan Sullivan (281%)

Computer Science I – Students are learning how to manipulate and analyze data using lists, loops and traversals using the Javascript language. 

Computer Science II – Students are getting to use the Theater Java package to draw unique scenes in the Java lab on Code.org. 

Intro to Engineering Design – Students are learning about tolerances and fits, allowing them to create products that work the way they are intended.

Principles of Engineering – Students are learning material properties and how the selected materials affect product performance.

CPR/ First Aid Mr. Laughlin –  Students practicing the importance of administering CPR

From the Department of World Languages:

The FCHS Department of World Language is happy to recognize our amazing students of the month for December: Natalee Lykins, Chinese 2; Aiden Johnson, Spanish 2; Ryleigh Schoettelkotte, Spanish 1.  We are very proud and lucky to have these three students represent our department.

From Mrs. Tincher: German exchange student, Marie Majnaric, tried her first slice of American pumpkin pie recently when she and other students in her Spanish 3 class watched a Spanish language instructional cooking video and completed other food prep related activities for that unit. The results? Marie announced that she likes pumpkin pie!! Happy Thanksgiving! / ¡Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias! / Frohes Thanksgiving!

From Mrs. Tincher: Spanish 3 students recently practiced their interpretive listening skills by watching a step-by-step instructional video about how to create a symmetrical painting. They learned new vocabulary and were happy with the final outcome! (Please see photos below😊)

 From Mrs. Tincher: Spanish 2 students learned about customs surrounding the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos, and made “calaveras” masks following the lesson.

From Mrs. Hornberger: A huge thank you to every member who took the time and sold items during our fruit sales this year and to the parents, grandparents, community members, etc., who bought items to help support the FFA thank you for the continual support.  The chapter exceeded its goal of $25,0000; to date, we are currently at $27,000.  More information will be coming out later this week or at the beginning of next week when we have order pickup dates and times.  We are on track to have everything delivered on December 12th.    Take a look at the FFA events below.  We have a few events in December.

*Officer applications will open on January 15th.  You can pick up an application in the high school Ag room.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Hornberger. 

From The Social Studies Department:

Mr.  Stacy: Psychology – students are learning about  commonPsychological disorders and how they are being treated.  Students will read several case studies and apply the disorder.

U.S. History – students are learning about the Gilded Age and will be soon be getting ready for final exams

Mr. Ebrens: Economics:  Students are learning about money and banking in the United States.  Topics covered are types of financial institutions, services banks offer, The FED, and types of money.  Students are also completing the Stock Market Game, 22 teams are competing with other schools from around the state we currently have one team in 5th place out of 672 teams

World Geography-we are covering Central America. We are learning about the physical geography and human geography of the Latin American culture that is located in the Central American countries.

Mr. Vanmeter: World History-we are covering the rise, existence, and fall of the Roman Republic and Roman empire. We cover important historical figures like Cincinnatus, Julius Caesar, and Constantine.

World Geography-we are covering Central America. We are learning about the physical geography and human geography of the Latin American culture that is located in the Central American countries.

Mr. Kristoff: AP US History- Students are working on AP style essays about the impact of the Revolutionary Era on different aspects of American society. Students will end the semester by learning about the time periods from the Constitution through the early 1800s.

World History- we are covering the rise, existence, and fall of the Roman Republic and Roman empire. We cover important historical figures like Cincinnatus, Julius Caesar, and Constantine.

Government- Students are learning about First Amendment freedoms. Classes have been learning about all the different freedoms protected by the first amendment and reading and discussing different Supreme Court cases on the First Amendment throughout US History.

AP World History- Students have just finished learning about the Mongol Empire. The rest of the semester will be spent comparing the different major civilizations around the world in the 1400 and 1500s and events leading up to the transition into the Modern Age.

Students of the Month for December: CONGRATULATIONS!!

English Department:

Aiden King

Esther George

Livia Maddock

Rose Schwab

Gabby Iles

Josh Tuggle

The Math Department would like to congratulate their Model Mathematicians for Quarter 1:

Mr. Davidson’s classes- Karter Smith

Mrs. Sherwood’s classes – Maddison Willetts

Ms. Erfman’s classes – Emily Brimhall

Mrs. Volk’s classes – Aiden Johnson

Ms. Libecap’s classes – Nathan Noble

From Candace Murray: The music department Students of the Month are:

Music Department: Audria Lykins

Band: Elijah Dean

Choir: Olivia Clark

Remember to follow all of our outstanding athletes:

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To all the Parents/ Guardians as we close this semester…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!