Wildcat Pulse – November 2022

We exist so children can excel.

Here are your monthly sights and sounds from Franklin County High School for September 2022. If you would like your photos to be featured, be sure to send them to dherbert@fccsc.k12.in.us with the subject FCHS Pulse.

Welcome to a Grateful November at FCHS and Happy Thanksgiving!

This month has brought many new talents, successes, and joy among the students and staff here at FCHS. Students are continuing to learn new ways to become even better citizens and volunteering to help others in school and out in the community. We are so very thankful for our outstanding students, teachers, and staff that they have all worked together to make our school a better place to go to work, school, and to learn. So many opportunities for the community to join in the fun and be part of the FCHS family this month. Please continue to follow us on the FCHS Facebook page and our FCHS website. We will keep you updated. To all Parents/Guardians: Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Holiday: November 23rd-Nov. 25th. No school for students.

Notes from the FCHS Staff:

From Mrs. Hignite: 3D students in Mrs. Hignites classes completed the spirit animal project. And 2D students are finishing up their surreal landscapes. Mrs. Hignite also wanted to announce Brooke Rose and Hailey Walston the Art Department students of the month for November. Congratulations!

From Mrs. Schneider: See what is happening in Science: BIOL 105 – AP Biology : AP Biology students have been focusing on cellular processes and reactions. Recently we tapped into their acting talents and they had to personify an organelle of the cell, acting out key details of processes that occur within their organelle. Lots of laughs and key concepts were shared by all!

BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes have been focusing on how cells use and store energy.  In addition to focusing on ATP and enzymes, the students have begun to analyze plant pigments involved in the process of photosynthesis.  This week students analyzed pigments present in the beautiful fall leaves.  Chromatography separated the pigments and students analyzed the role of these pigments in energy production and energy storage.  Did you know that the beautiful leaf colors we see now are the result of trees slowing their production of chlorophyll and allowing other leaf pigments to show through? 

APHY 101 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students have been studying the skeletal and muscular systems, focusing on movement of the body.  In addition to learning the identification of key bones and muscles, they have analyzed movement and coordination. Pictured on the next page. 

Early College Class of 2024 Homeroom

The Early College Class of 2024 homeroom class won the door decorating contest for College GO Week!  Students enjoyed a pizza party to celebrate their achievement!  Also, this class collected the most money in the FCCLA contest to support Kayla’s fight against cancer.  Students enjoyed a donut party to celebrate!  

From Mrs. Kaiser and the FCCLA: 

ACP Speech Class

From Mr. Hofer:

Students in speech class worked on their communication skills by playing some quick and easy board games. Students worked on either Codenames or Bananagrams as a team building and communication activity.  They had to help each other understand the rules of the games and work together. This was a fun way to end the week before heading to fall break!

From Mr. Baldwin:

Department News: Intro to Construction students are finishing up the floor framing.  Intro to Transportation students finished the Space Transportation Unit with successful rocket launches Intro to Manufacturing students were introduced to and were able to identify different softwoods and hardwood used in manufacturing. Computer Science students were designing programs to create objects for a store’s inventory. Students were very creative in what type of store they were creating the code for, as well as how users would interact with the program. Engineering students are learning how to use the 3D CAD program OnShape to create and modify parts in a virtual environment. Students are also printing out their own creations as gifts to their family, teachers, and friends. 

From Katie DeGrazia: Early College Updates: FCHS is going through the Early College endorsement process this year. Early College high schools allow students to earn their high school diploma AND up to two years of college credit by the time they graduate high school! The Early College program is tailored to underserved populations such as first-generation college students, students on Free/Reduced lunch, 21st century scholars, etc. FCHS has had 11 students graduate with an Associate’s degree since 2020 and nearly 100 students have earned an Ivy Tech Certificate in many different subject areas. To become endorsed, FCHS will be evaluated by a network called CELL (Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning). There are 8 core principles that we will be evaluated on. We will be submitting a lengthy portfolio outlining the details of our program and CELL will make a site visit to FCHS next semester to speak with program stakeholders. 

From the Wildcats Esports Team:

The Fall Season will be over in two short weeks. If you would like to join us next season in January, send an email or attend the SRT call out meeting on November 29.

DayTitleMax TeamsPlayers per team
MondayValorant1 V, 1 JV, Unlimited Club5 + 5 subs
TuesdayLeague of Legends1 V, 1 JV, Unlimited Club5 + 5 subs
WednesdaySuper Smash Bros. Ultimate1 V, 1 JV, Unlimited Club4 + 2 subs
ThursdayRocket League1 V, 1 JV, Unlimited Club3 + 2 subs

From Mrs.Hornberger and the FFA: November 11th – District Dance at North Decatur 

November 17th – Thursday Friendsgiving Chapter BondingThursday, November 17th.

November 7th: Forestry and Entomology Career Development Competition.

From Mr. Stang: The  Fall Conference for FBLA is Wednesday, November 9th. Good Luck, FBLA students.
November Students of the Month:  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Music Department: Megan Tomlin, Stacy Angelo, and Braden Eggleston.  

English Department: Jacob Rauch, Austin Willis, Hayen Rolfes, Kiley Robinson, Moorea Nobbe, & Jordan Koeller

Department of Technology & Engineering: Jayden Heffron-Construction

Isaiah Kemp-Manufacturing      Ethan Sullivan-Transportation

Benjamin Banks-Engineering      Zackary Markland- Computer Science

World Languages Department:  Anna Buesing for Chinese 3, Lane Wuestefeld for Spanish 2, and Luke Estes for Spanish 1. 

Science Department:

FACS: Preparing for College and Careers – Lailynn Rayburn and Cole Freese

Housing and Interior Design – Padraig Jackson

Advanced Nutrition and Wellness I – Shyla Beard

Career Exploration Internship – Allyson Andre’

Dates to Remember: 

Veterans Day Program at FCHS : Friday November 11, 2022  2:30-3:15  If you plan on bringing a guest please get a form in the office fill out and return to Mrs. Wirtz by 11-9-22

Bee-Safe Driving School:

Drivers Education registration packets for the winter class session starting on Saturday, December 3rd are available. You can pick up the packets in the main office.

Track athletes that preseason training starts next week.  Practice is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th, Thursday, November 10th  and Friday, November 10th right after school until 5:15.

From Mr. Hofer and Mr. Williams: Mama Mia Call-Outs for Spring Musical

Who: All FCHS students in grades 9-12 are eligible to audition for the spring musical. Also, 7-8th grade FCMS choir students are eligible to audition.

When: Thursday, November 17th and November 18th beginning at 3:30 at FCHS. 

Please see Mr. Hofer or Mr. Williams for more information.

From FCHS: Thank you to all of the Parents/ Guardians and community members for your continuing support and partnership in helping  your child become a productive member of our community. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and an enjoyable, memorable time with your family and friends. 

Ms. Michelle South