Crowdsourcing for New Content

Our FCHS school website is in need of some new content. There is only one of me (Mr. Herbert speaking) and as you are aware, you are the 700 or so students living in the hallways and involved in all the classes, sports and clubs.


Here is what I need from you, student or staff member:

 Writers: If there is something cool and exciting going on in your class, sport, or club, and you have a knack for writing, write up a simple article and I will publish it to our website. 

 Photographers: If you have any pictures of your friends or a cool event happening on campus, send them to me with a short description and names and I will also publish that to our website. 
 Videographers: Can you edit video? If you make a video for an event happening around school, send it to me to publish to the website. 
I’ll take new stories ALL YEAR LONG! Teachers may even give you bonus points for promoting the cool things going on in your class! Who knows, it doesn’t hurt to ask! 😜

Here is a question for you, and you can reply directly to Mr. Herbert at dherbert (at)
Who is your role model here at school? Who is that student or staff that you look up to and why?