Spirit Week – 2014

Student Council has picked the following spirit days for students AND staff to participate and promote school spirit.


Thursday Results:
1st …Seniors
2nd … Freshmen
3rd …Staff
4th …Juniors
5th …Sophomores


Wednesday Results:
1st place…Freshmen
2nd place… Seniors
3rd place …Sophomores
4th place…Staff
5th place … Juniors

Tuesday Results:
1st place Freshmen
2nd place Seniors
3rd Place Juniors
4th place staff
5th place Sophomores

Monday–Mismatch Monday
1st place Freshman
2nd place Seniors
3rd place Staff
4th place Juniors
5th place Sophomores

Tuesday– Cowboys and Indians

Wednesday– Color Day
> Freshman –Green
> Sophomores–Red
> Juniors — Yellow
> Seniors — Black
> STAFF– Orange

Thursday– Throwback Thursday

Friday –Wildcat Friday