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Classes in the Business Technology Education Department are designed for a variety of students. Whether a student intends to enter college, is interested in office technology employment after graduation, or merely wants to learn keyboarding/computer skills–there are abundant opportunities.

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Diane Slaven
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Cathi St. John
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Family and Consumer Sciences Education empower individuals and families across the life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. Our unique focus is on the families, work and their interrelationships. The mission of Family and Consumer Sciences Education is to prepare students for family life, work life, and careers in family and consumer sciences by providing opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills,
attitude, and behaviors needed.

The Health and Safety credit may be waived for a student if the student’s program
includes three (3) credits from the following Family and Consumer Sciences courses (A) Child Development and Parenting (B) Interpersonal Relationships (C) Nutrition and Wellness (D) Adult Roles and Responsibilities.

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Beth Kaiser
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The Department of Industrial Technology focuses on those skills useful to the student who wishes to pursue an industrial vocation. Students are introduced to a wide variety of subjects including the design process, creative and problem solving abilities, and the identification of materials and processes used in industry. Students also learn the
importance of planning, scheduling, and meeting deadlines. It is highly recommended that students enroll in both Manufacturing Systems and Communication Systems in order to be successful in this department.

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Mark Baldwin


PLTW Engineering is more than just another high school engineering program. It is about applying engineering, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world context. Students focus on the process of defining and solving a problem, not on getting the “right” answer. They learn how to apply STEM knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to make the world a better place through innovation.

PLTW students have said that PLTW Engineering influenced their post-secondary decisions and helped shape their future. Even for students who do not plan to pursue engineering after high school, the PLTW Engineering program provides opportunities to develop highly transferable skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, which are relevant for any coursework or career.

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Derek Herbert


Students at Franklin County High School may elect to take a vocational program at the Whitewater Technical Career Center during their junior and senior years. Transportation to and from the school is provided by Franklin County Community School Corporation.

  • Students interested in the courses available at Whitewater Technical Career Center are referred to the booklets provided by the Career Center at the meeting for sophomores held in November.
  • Booklets are also available in the guidance office.

Visit their website Whitewater Technical Career Center.