Welcome Back

Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

It is with great pride and enthusiasm I welcome the beginning of yet another school year.  This year our doors will open to students on Wednesday, August 9th.  The 2017-18 promises to be a year of change and year of opportunity. 

Several CHANGES are being implemented this year.  All students in grades 7 and 8 will attend Franklin County Middle School.  Sixth grade students residing in the Brookville attendance area will also attend Franklin County Middle School.  The grade level span at Brookville Elementary will increase to include fifth grade students.  A before and after latchkey program is available at three locations:  Brookville Elementary, Laurel School, and Mt. Carmel School.  HeadStart services will continue at Brookville Elementary and have been added at Laurel School.  Daycare for 12 month olds to 5 year olds is being offered at Laurel School. 

A two tiered transportation system will be implemented.  High School and Middle School students will be transported to and from school in a much more direct and efficient manner than in previous years.    A second tier will transport elementary student directly to and from school, eliminating transfers and wait times.  Many students will experience reduced time spent on the bus and a much more direct route to school and home. 

Several staff changes have occurred over the summer.  Many in the form of retirements; others due to family commitments, new job opportunities, etc.  We will fondly remember those that have retired but also look forward to making connections with new staff members.   In addition, many staff members have changed teaching assignments, grade levels, or buildings for this school year.

As a result of these changes many new OPPORTUNTIES have been created for our students.  Course offerings at the middle school and high school have increased.  Existing programs have been expanded and new programs have been added.   In addition to the “traditional curriculum”, all seventh and eighth grade students will now have the opportunity to enroll in agriculture, business, engineering, and foreign language classes at Franklin County Middle School.   Dual credit courses at the high school continue to increase, as well as the introduction of an “Internship Program” and the addition of an IMPACT period.  At the elementary level, one-to-one technology, supported by Chromebooks, will begin at grade three.  Services such as latchkey, daycare, activity buses, and online registration have been added to meet the needs of our families.  

The mission of the Franklin County Community Schools states, “We exist so children can excel”.  The school administration, faculty and staff, and Members of the Board of School Trustees are committed to making changes necessary to help our students excel.   This year, we will be kicking the school year off with the theme “Destination Excellence”.  Our goal is to remove barriers, better utilize resources, and provide the support needed for all students during their journey toward excellence.  In the words of American inventor, Joy Mangano, “Your destination might not end up being exactly what you envisioned to start with, but if you stick it out and work through the challenges, what you end up with will be far better than you could have ever imagined.”

Yours in Education,

Dr. Debbie Howell, FCCSC Superintendent