Chaperone Guidelines

Adult Chaperone Guidelines

When you are selected as a coach, sponsor, or chaperone for a school activity, your role is an important one.  As such, you accept certain responsibilities.  These chaperone guidelines provide you with an overview of your responsibilities and recommendations for appropriate responses to various situations that may arise during the course of any off-campus trip.  Should you require any additional information, or have any other questions or concerns, you are invited to discuss them with the building principal.

 General Expectations:

  • As a chaperone, you agree to follow and implement Franklin County Community School Corporation policies and procedures as stated in the Student/Parent Handbook.  See guidelines below.
  • Whatever rules are set forth for the students apply to ALL students regardless of whether their parents/guardians are chaperoning.
  • If only one adult is present on the bus, all students shall be seated in front of the adult.  If more than one adult is present, the adults shall be seated at intervals throughout the bus.
  • All passengers shall be seated back-to-back, seat-to-seat, feet on the floor.
  • In general, food and drinks are not permitted on the school bus.  Any exceptions must be specifically authorized by the teacher and school bus driver. The student adult passengers are responsible for cleaning up any messes and removing trash from the school bus.
  • Family members who are neither participants nor authorized adult passengers (teachers, coaches, sponsors, appointed chaperones) are not permitted to ride the bus.
  • If you have a cell phone with you, please exchange cell phone numbers with the teacher.
  • Please arrive on time and wear a watch.  Delays may disrupt the activity for everyone. Be sure that you and your group arrive at the appointed location well before the planned departure time.
  • Dress appropriately, following school dress expectations.
  • Introduce yourself and be sure you know student names of those for whom you are responsible.
  • Please ask questions if you have concerns about what to do in a given situation.  Teacher directions must be followed at all times.  Please speak to the teacher privately if you have concerns.
  • The students’ safety comes first.  Be alert to potential dangers – strangers, stray animals etc.  Never leave the children unattended.
  • Supervise the students in a courteous but firm manner.  If a student requests to participate in an activity that you are uncertain about, ask for permission from the teacher. If you must redirect a student who is not behaving appropriately, be firm but respectful.  If a student refuses to follow directions, immediately notify the teacher.  Do not touch students, lose control, or display anger. All discipline issues are the responsibility of the teacher.
  • Do not use tobacco products, illegal drugs, or drink alcoholic beverages or purchase and of the above while on the trip.
  • Do not release students to anyone other than the teacher.  Parents/guardians who want to take children home must secure permission from the teacher.
  • Do not administer medications to a student.  All medical situations must be referred to the teacher.
  • Be a positive and encouraging role model for the students.
  • Coolers and/or other large items MUST be stowed in provided cargo compartments (preferred), or under or secured to the seats. The aisle, emergency door, and safety zone behind the rear seats must be clear at all times.  Drivers, coaches/sponsors, and the Corporation can be cited and fined $1,500 each for a violation; please do not ask them to break the law.
  • All riders should be aware that excessive noise could cause the driver to miss hearing or seeing a hazard which could result in tragedy.  Teachers, sponsors, coaches, and chaperones shall maintain order and discipline on the school bus. Loud group activities such as sing-alongs are not permitted.
  • Check the bus for student valuables and articles left behind.
  • A head count and/or roll call of passengers is required prior to any bus departure.