Buster the Bus

Meet Buster!

buster the busBuster the Bus is a miniature, remote controlled three-foot-tall cartoonish replica of a full-size yellow school bus, which is equipped with working stop sign, crossing gate, and flashing red lights. It is just like a real bus!

Buster has unique features, which includes an almost musically friendly voice that enchants children while he provides concrete lessons about bus safety. Children also enjoy seeing the animated little bus, blink flashing lights, swing-out stop sign and move and blink his eyes. In addition, Buster has windshields and a mouth for a front grill. Besides having adorable features, he talks to students about a very important message of school bus safety to children. Children love Buster the Bus!

Buster is a great symbol for our school bus safety program. He is the ideal size for teaching children from Pre K to 3rd grade.  He can communicate with them at their eye level, and when he moves children are not at all threatened. In addition, Buster is agile enough to maneuver easily in school classrooms and other restricted areas.

What does Buster do?

When Buster makes an entrance, the students giggle and grin. However, this cute little bus is all about teaching safety. Among many important bus safety lessons, the program includes messages about:

  • How to cross safely
  • Staying out of the “Danger Zone”
  • Riding the bus safely
  • How to safely wait for the bus
  • How to cross in front of the bus
  • How to climb the steps
  • How to ride a school bus to and from school.
  • How to evacuate the school bus.

Why A Robot?

Buster is used to add fun and interaction with children.  He grabs their attention long enough to talk about making good choices that lead to personal safety and good bus riding habits.