Our Mission At LES is

SUCCESS: We will strive daily to do our best.

OWNERSHIP: We will exhibit Jacket Pride.

ATTITUDE: We will use positive words and actions.

RESPONSIBILITY:We will make the right choices.



We exist so children can excel.

The Laurel School Robojackets competed in the State Competition at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, March 10th. The Robojackets placed first out of 50 teams in the Indiana Workforce Development bracket and then went on to place 2nd out of 150 teams in the Overall Elementary Division in the teamwork category. The Robojackets placed 7th in overall points for the event, with 868 points (first place was 934). The Robojackets held the leading score for overall rounds much of the day, but ended up in 5th place for overall high scores for individual rounds.

Team performance at the state level makes us eligible to compete in the World Competition. This will be held in Louisville, Kentucky on April 29 – May 1. The World Competition has 400 spots in the elementary division, which include teams from all over the US, China, Canada, New Zealand, Bahrain, and many more. This is a great opportunity for our local students to compete at a global level and communicate with students from around the world; however, we need to raise approximately $8000 to cover the entry fee, travel expenses, hotel stay, and meals for the team.  If contributions exceed our costs for World Competitions, funds will be utilized to continue our robotics program next year.

Robojackets members that competed at State level included; TJ Prows, Ethan Williams, Lance Fields, Hayden Cregar, Gabe Frazier, Austin Willis, Katie Frazier, Luke Estes, Dalton Somers and Brandon Willis. These students are in grades 3-6. Team coach is Carol Blake.




Congratulations to our RoboJackets Teams.  We left regional with a 1st place and a 7th place finish, out of 30 teams in competition.  We are going to the State Competition on March 10th.

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