The FCMS Life Skills Class is selling autism awareness shirts for our first annual FCCSC Light It Up BLUE For Autism Day on April 6th. Shirts are $12.00-$15.00. Students and staff can buy T-Shirts at lunch this week or they can order them on-line at

Shirts can be ordered through March 23rd at school or March 25th online.
All money raised goes towards our Special Olympic Event coming up in May and supplies for our classroom/sensory room.


We would like to congratulate the following 8th grade students from FCMS who tried out Saturday and made the 2018-2019 Franklin County High School Junior Varsity Cheer Team:

Shayden Gaylen , Chloe Heffron, Gracie Singer, Kaylee Moulton,
Jaida Martin, Madison Moulton, Jenna McConnell, Jaylin Dehner
Kionna Hauk

Congratulations and we wish you great success in the coming year!

Check out our new informational video below to see how our schools and community work together to create engaging opportunities for our students.


6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Band Concert will be on Thursday, May 22nd beginning at 7:00 p.m in the FCHS Auditorium.


Pictured above are Kionna Hauk, Asher Reisert, Breznick Lindsay and Mrs. Wade who sat down with Dr. Howell  to discuss the FCMS journalism class. You can listen  “Flypod”broadcast below.


Please note the following dates we WILL be in school:
Monday, February 19th
Friday, April 13th
Last Student Day- Tuesday, 29th
These are snow makeup days and we will be in session!


Beginning of 2nd Semester:

3rd Nine Weeks- January 8th to March 14th
3rd Nine Weeks-Midterm ends February 6th

4th Nine Weeks-March 15th to May 29th
4th Nine Weeks-Midterm end April 18th

Academic Probation: Students will be placed on Academic Probation when they earn two or more F’s on a midterm or end of quarter report card. The student’s grades will be reviewed at midterm or at the end of a quarter (whichever comes first) to determine probationary status.

When a student is placed on Academic Probation and/or Social Probation he/she is excluded from the following activities: Incentive Field Trips, Field Day, Athletic Events, Extra-Curricular Activities and other special events during or after the school day. 

School Year Calendars:

Click the link below to read the enter Attendance Policy approved by the FCCSC Board of Trustees.

FCCSC Attendance Policy



FCMS Reading Race party was celebrated on Friday, December 15th. This is a celebration of readers and reading for pleasure, sponsored by the media center and language department. CONGRATULATIONS to those wonderful readers!


Yes, we are winners!

Mrs. Lake always encouraging our kids to read! Thank you Mrs. Lake!

Celebrating success stories!

Smart girls read!

HPV letter (Please click on this link for important information from our health officials.)


You may order pictures online at mylifetouch.com

Picture Day ID: JC117169QQ0 (the last digit is a ZERO, not a capital O)



In order for a student to be eligible to attend the dance they must opt-in to the FCCSC random drug testing policy.  You may read the policy at the following link: Drug Testing Policy

If your parents did not opt for you to participate in the random drug testing program when they registered you for school they will have to complete the form at the end of the policy and turn it to the FCMS.  Students who are not participating in the random drug testing policy will not be permitted to attend any school dances or after school programs.