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When should I take the SAT?
SAT College Admission Test site

SAT dates (2017-18)

ACT Information

ACT College Admission Test site
ACT dates (2017-18)

*It is advised that students take BOTH the SAT and the ACT 2nd semester of their junior year. Then retake both or whichever one the student did better at the very end of their junior year or very beginning of senior year. Retaking these tests can improve your chances of getting a higher score, which can help you get college acceptances or more scholarship dollars.


PSAT Information

PSAT/SAT Examination and Test Dates (2017-18)

SAT/ACT Preparation Classes

PLATO classes are available for students to take to prepare for SAT and ACT.

FAFSA Information

FCHS FAFSA Day – Tuesday, November 14, 2017 1 -7 pm

FAFSA – Federal Student Aid
FAFSA FSA ID request site (formally known as PIN)

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