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Physical Education / Health

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PE Alternative Credit Waiver

The Indiana Department of Education requires that students pass two (2) semesters of Physical Education and one (1) semester of Health Education.
The goal of the physical education and health classes is to promote awareness among students that a fit, healthy body is an important part of leading a long and rewarding life. Abuse of harmful substances shortens one’s life span and often leads to unhappiness and despair. The Indiana Department of Education does not permit waivers for the state mandated Physical Education credit. Franklin County High School will offer an adapted Physical Education program to satisfy this requirement for the needs of properly documented students. Inquiries shall be directed to the Department Chairperson.

These courses are required to meet state graduation requirements.  Academic Honors Diploma, and Core 40 requirements.  Classes are coeducational unless the activity involves bodily contact or groupings are based on an objective standard of individual performance developed and applied without regard to gender.  Adapted Physical Education shall be offered, as needed, in the least restricted environment and shall be based on individual

If a student misses Thirteen (13) or more classes, then he/she will be withdrawn from physical education class and placed in study hall.  A student with a medical excuse will receive an “Incomplete” until the days are made up.  The change in schedule will occur only after a letter is sent to parents and/or a conference is held with the student and his/her parents.  Students who are withdrawn from physical education class will need to re-enroll during a later semester to complete the graduation requirement.

Any student enrolled in a physical education class is expected to wear appropriate clothing.  Students will need athletic shorts, non-marking gym shoes, socks and a standard physical education shirt.

Beginning fall 2011, students involved in Franklin County High School (FCHS) sponsored Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) sanctioned sports; competition cheerleading, marching band, color guard, show choir, and dance team may be exempt from standard physical education (PE) classes. Recently, the Indiana State Board of
Education provided flexibility to adapt the high school physical education requirements for students who demonstrate proficiency through other means.

What this means for Franklin County High School students currently in grades 9 through 11:

  • Basic PE credits required for graduation may be earned by participation in an IHSAA sport or other FCHS sponsored performance activity listed above.
  • Retroactive PE credits will NOT be awarded for participation in seasons prior to the 2011 – 2012 school year.  

NOTE: Contact the Guidance counselor for Basic PE waiver application and more information.

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