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Course Description:

The math department offers many different courses starting with Algebra I.  The Honors program is designed for those students that are math oriented and can maintain grades of B- or better.  Anyone completing this series will be well qualified for any college program requiring a strong math background.   The department also offers a regular curriculum for those students that will pursue post secondary education but may not be math oriented.  Its basis is the CORE 40 curriculum set up by the State of Indiana.

Sample schedules in Mathematics:

Algebra I             Algebra I                Algebra I Honors           Geometry Honors
Geometry            Geometry                Geometry Honors             Algebra II Honors
Algebra II            Algebra II                Algebra II Honors            Pre-Calculus/Trig
Discrete Math         Pre-Calculus/Trig            AP Calculus       Probability/Statistics

In order to continue taking courses in the Honors curriculum of mathematics, students must complete the Honors above it on the chart above and be recommended by the teacher.  For example, students may not take Geometry and then Algebra II Honors.

Algebra I shall appear on the transcript per state requirement but not count for credit or in the GPA for students in the class of 2012 who enter high school taking Geometry.

Any 8thgrade math student (starting with the class of 2013) who have maintained at least a B average in Algebra I and have enrolled in Geometry (at the high school level) may earn 2 high school math credits. The awarding of these credits will be contingent upon the successful completion of Geometry A or B and recommendation of Department
Chair. Individual grades received in Algebra I then will become part of the student’s high school transcript.

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