English Department

First Name Last Name Position Department E-mail
Wendy Bischoff Teacher English wbischoff@fccsc.k12.in.us
Heather Bryant Teacher English hbryant@fccsc.k12.in.us
Adam Hofer Teacher English ahofer@fccsc.k12.in.us
Lacey Hudepohl Teacher English lhudepohl@fccsc.k12.in.us
April Isaacs Teacher English aisaacs@fccsc.k12.in.us
Chad Lieberman Teacher English clieberman@fccsc.k12.in.us
Marina Wasserman Teacher English mwasserman@fccsc.k12.in.us


The Indiana Department of Education requires four years (eight credits) of language arts for graduation from high school. If a student has not passed the English section of the GQE, he/she will continue to be placed in English courses even if he/she has met the eight credits required by the State o f Indiana. A senior who has not passed the GQE will be placed in ENGLISH 12 (BASIC). This placement will enable the student to meet GQE English
proficiencies. Those students who have not passed the English section of the GQE may not enroll in Dramatic Literature, Film Literature Speech, or Classical Literature.

Click here to visit the Academic Handbook for more detailed information.

Students at Franklin County shall ideally complete the following classes in high school prior to admission into the English/Language arts electives:

Grade 9

  • English 9 General*
  • English 9 Honors

*English 9:  Student has received C’s or below in 8th grade English. Freshmen students who did not pass the 8th grade English ISTEP will also be placed in Language Arts Lab for remediation purposes.
NOTE: Effective class of 2015, Freshmen students who fail English 9 will be offered credit recovery the following year to regain that credit. Students may be offered PLATO or summer school (if offered) to recover English credit.

Grade 10

  • English 10 General
  • English 10 Honors
  • A student in English Honors who shows deficiency may be placed in a General English class upon recommendation of an English teacher.

We highly recommend to any junior pursuing a four year, post-secondary degree that he/she enroll in English 11-Honors.

We recommend to any senior pursuing a four year, post secondary degree that he/she enroll in either English 12-Honors or Advanced English-College Credit.

We highly recommend Speech in addition to the above courses.

Grade 11

  • General—English 11 or Electives
  • Honors—English 11 Honors

Grade 12

  • General —English 12 or Electives
  • Honors—English 12 Honors
  • AP English– Language/Composition
  • Advanced  English— Dual Credit (ACP)


  • Dramatic Literature (fulfills the fine arts requirement for the academic honors)
  • Classical Literature
  • Technical/Business Communications
  • Speech
  • Film Literature
  • Student Publications

**Student Publications and Mass Media do not satisfy any of the eight (8) English credits for students.