Wildcat Pulse – May 2023

Welcome to a Magnificent May at FCHS! 

Welcome to a magnificent May here at FCHS. So many reasons to celebrate the FCHS students and staff as the school year comes to a close. Just in the past month, our students have been recognized for their outstanding efforts in academics, athletics, the arts, music, technical and engineering production, FFA, and drama performances. Our educators, nurse, and  administrative professionals were also honored for their dedication and excellence earlier this month. Thank you to the parents/ guardians and community members who have attended the FCHS programs throughout the year. We appreciate your attendance and partnership in providing FCHS students opportunities for productive, healthy, and happy futures.  Parents/Guardians,  please stay connected with FCHS through our FCHS website and FCHS Facebook page. As you read this newsletter, please share in the celebration of your children and to all of the Parents/ Guardians: Thank you for the privilege to instruct your children.

FCHS Staff and Administration

Notes from the FCHS Staff: 

WL Department Students of the Month for May, 2023                                      

From Sra. Tincher, Patxi, and Mrs. Yan

The FCHS Department of World Languages:  the following students have demonstrated exceptional skills in Chinese and Spanish, and have been named Students of the Month for May. Well done! We are proud of your accomplishments!

Spanish 1: Ava Reese

Spanish 2: Olivia Clark


Chinese 3: Kylee Bolser

From Mrs. Barricklow:

Preparing for College and Careers

Gavin Trammell

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Gavin as her May Student of the Month for Preparing for College and Careers. Gavin is always on task and has a good understanding of the topics being taught in class. He always gets his work done on time and is kind to everyone around him. He works hard and is always respectful. Keep up the good work, Gavin!

Worked-Based Learning Capstone

Bethany Melugin

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Bethany as her May Student of the Month for the Internship Class. Bethany strives to be the best that she can be at everything she does. She has been diligent in all of the tasks at her internship site. She is honest, hardworking, and full of integrity. She makes a great coffee at Coffee On Main, too! She is an outstanding intern. Way to go, Bethany!  Keep up the good work!

Advanced Child Development

Audrey Marshall

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Audrey as her May Student of the Month for Advanced Child Development. Audrey is funny and is always engaged in class. She is very helpful and spends extra time cleaning up after projects without being asked. Audrey is always a joy to have in class. Congratulations, Audrey! Thanks for always being respectful and responsible!

Career Exploration Internship

Kayla Baker

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Kayla as her May Student of the Month for the Internship Class. Kayla has worked very hard this semester as an intern at Grooming Girls Pet Salon. She is a good listener and follows directions well. She takes great care of the dogs while working with them and has been working extra hours to get her grooming license! So proud of your dedication, Kayla! Thanks for being responsible and hardworking!

FCHS Mrs. Kaiser: Preparing for College & Careers

Haley Wiesemann is the Preparing for College & Career class nominee for this month for Mrs. Kaiser.  Haley  is very dedicated and works hard. She is a positive student with a sweet smile. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Fashion & Textiles

Lillian Jackson is the Fashion & Textiles class student nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser.  Lilly does great work in class . She is a very dedicated student with a cute smile. Congratulations  and keep up the good work!

Advanced Nutrition & Wellness II

Brooke Rose is the Advanced Nutrition & Wellness II class nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser.  Brooke is a well deserved student. She is a positive student and is working really hard this year. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

FCHS May Artist of the Month from Mrs. Hignite and  Mr. Deters:

This year’s May 2023 artist of the month students are pictured below. The students are from Mr. Deters photography class. Pictured from left to right  Emma Rosenberger, Rose Schwab, Audrey Weaver, Crystal Calihan, and Porter Dorrel.


This year’s art show was held on Thursday MAY 4TH at FCHS. Students artwork from 2D, Jewelry, 3D, painting 1, painting 2, and photography were on display. Below are photos of students’ creative works.

From Mrs. Kaite Schneider:

BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes have been studying interactions of various biological kingdoms – plants, animals, and disease-causing organisms.  Students have propagated plant cuttings, studied vertebrate and invertebrate species, and have simulated spread of disease by various pathogens.  

APHY 101/102 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students are studying human development and interactions among systems.  Students simulated common laboratory testing and diagnosis.  

BIOL 105 – AP Biology

AP Biology students are preparing for the AP Biology test and will finish the semester with preparing a STEM outreach project for elementary school students to focus on biological concepts.  

Early College Classes

Early College students participated in Early College Week in April.  Students stated why they love Early College as part of our promotion of the program during the week.  

Early College students participated in the door decorating contest hosted by YouthQuake to promote drug-free choices.  Their class won 2nd place, and enjoyed donuts and milk to celebrate!  Thank you to the YouthQuake for sponsoring this activity!

Dept. of Technology and Engineering: Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Herbert

Students of the Month

Construction – Hayden Barrett

Manufacturing – Tanner Allen

Communications – Isaac Siedling

Engineering – Wyatt Young

Computer Science – Bryce Bruns

Intro to Construction

Using the principles and skills of construction that they have learned this year, construction students have been building a 12’x14’ Utility Shed for FCHS.  As the school year winds down, they will be finishing the project by applying paint to the exterior, adding gutters and building an entrance ramp to the building.

Intro to Manufacturing

Manufacturing 3rd and 7th period students have started the production run of the products they developed and marketed.  This mass production/assembly line process includes the production jigs and fixtures created/developed by the students.

Intro to Communication: Placed Based Education: Rural Early College Network Project

As part of the PBE (Place Based Education) Intuitive Communication students (along with Mr. Hofer’s English class) have been creating a tour of historical sites in Franklin County.  

Mr. Hofer’s class visited the 9 sites and created podcasts about each one.  Communication students have created a travel brochure to help both residents of and visitors to Franklin County find and learn about these historical and important locations. 

Computer Science I – 

Our talented students have been working hard on their final projects, which involve building various apps. We are excited to share with you the diverse range of projects our students have undertaken this year.

These include a loot crate system for a game, a Galaga-style shooter, an NBA quiz, a 2D platformer game, a go-kart racing game, a chess move analyzer, and a “perfect” name analyzer. Each of these projects highlights the creativity, dedication, and technical skills of our students.

We are incredibly proud of our students and are excited to see the final results of their hard work. It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase their innovation and problem-solving skills.

Computer Science II –

CSA students have made a lot of progress in their final programming projects. In these projects, students are tasked with utilizing a range of methods, including public, private, static, overridden, and overloaded methods, to produce an exciting scene in the theater.

Additionally, students are also creating new classes using inheritance with super- and subclasses. This aspect of the project highlights the students’ ability to use advanced programming concepts to build complex and innovative programs.

We are incredibly proud of our students for their dedication to learning and their impressive achievements in the field of programming. We look forward to seeing the final results of their hard work and the creativity they bring to their projects.

Intro to Engineering Design –
Our talented group of students are currently hard at work designing and 3D modeling an exciting new golf course. What makes this project unique is that the course will comprise seven holes, each of which will feature several Lego creations.

Measuring a sizable 20×25 feet, each hole will be designed to reach up to 5 feet high in elevation. Through this project, students will have the opportunity to put into practice all of the concepts they have been learning this year, making it a truly engaging and enriching experience. We can’t wait to see the final product of their hard work and creativity!

Principles of Engineering – 

Check out the impressive work of our students in Principles of Engineering (POE) class! They have been tirelessly working on designing and developing self-powered vehicles that can travel a distance between 20 and 25 feet in the shortest possible time.

Wyatt Young emerged as the winner of the competition. With his exceptional vehicle, he achieved an average travel time of just 4.71 seconds while successfully stopping in the target zone. It is a remarkable achievement, and we applaud Wyatt’s hard work and dedication to the project. 

Pictured is Kody Schwab’s LEGO Technic car, which averaged 5.54 seconds from start to finish.

Congratulations to all of our POE students for their commitment to innovation and excellence. We look forward to seeing their future projects and accomplishments in the field of engineering. 

Please take a look at the FCHS Athletics Page and follow our outstanding Spring Sports:


Parents / Guardians: Thank you for supporting and being an important part of the FCHS Family. 

Go Cats!

Ms. Michelle South, M. Ed. 

FCHS, Principal