FCHS Early College Endorsement

In 2013, Franklin County High School embarked on a journey to become an Early College High School, which enables first-generation, socioeconomically disadvantaged, and minority high school students to take challenging college-level classes and earn both a high school diploma and credits towards a two- or four-year postsecondary degree. The team of Early College educators has undergone significant changes over the years.

To be Early College endorsed means that the school is committed to the eight required principles established by CELL, including providing a rigorous curriculum, robust student supports, and completion data. The school needs to compile all the data and prepare a portfolio to be considered for endorsement. A CELL team visits the school to interview administration, teachers, students, and parents about the Early College program’s benefits and challenges before designating the program as endorsed.

Franklin County High School joined the Rural Early College Network (RECN) grant project in 2019-2020. This project provided additional funding to make it possible and offered a network of resources from other endorsed schools. RECN helps rural Indiana high schools more quickly implement the Early College high school model, focusing on establishing model rural Early College high school sites and templates for fostering additional high-quality Early College programs. Within RECN, you can learn about the Indiana Collaborative for Rural Education (ICRE).

Over the last five years, there have been many training sessions for the superintendent, principals, and the Early College team, which consists of two counselors and four dual credit teachers. Katie DeGrazia headed this, along with Katie Schneider, Adam Hofer, Sharon Volk, Michael Kristoff, and Sara Shaver. Colleen Tincher and other teachers also played a significant role in this process.

Through dual credit opportunities, Franklin County High School’s students can earn postsecondary credentials such as the Indiana College Core and an Associates Degree. The Early College program provides students with resources and support to help them overcome barriers to higher education.