Wildcat Pulse – March 2023

FCHS Pulse

March 15, 2023

We exist so children can excel.

Magnificent March at FCHS!

Welcome to a Magnificent March. Teaching and learning is in full swing here at FCHS. Students are wrapping up the 3rd quarter and getting ready to embrace the last 9 weeks of school. Again we are very proud of the students here at FCHS as they continue to embark further towards their personal achievements. Please be aware that between March 27th to March 31st, Spring break will be underway and FCHS will resume classes on Monday, April 3rd. Parents/Guardians, please stay connected with FCHS through our FCHS website and FCHS Facebook page. Again, to all of the Parents/ Guardians: Thank you for the privilege to instruct your children.

-FCHS Staff and Administration

Notes from the FCHS Staff: 

From Patxi, Sra. Tincher, and Doris Yan

We are very proud and lucky to have the following three students represent excellence in the Department of World Languages for the month of March. Congratulations to: Mackenzie Brzezinski, Chinese 3; Evan Taylor, Spanish 3; Livia Maddock, Spanish 1.

From Mrs. Barricklow: Preparing for College and Careers: 

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Raegan Minniti as her March  Student of the Month for Preparing for College and Careers.   Raegan is quiet yet engaging.  She always gets her work done on time and is kind to everyone.  She works hard and is always respectful.  Way to go, Raegan!!

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Nick Perry as her March Student of the Month for the Career Exploration Internship Class.  Nick has been an amazing intern in Ms. Lee’s class at Brookville Elementary.  He has gone above and beyond by being very hands on with helping his students to learn and grow. Nick has matured so much this year and is a pleasure to have in class.  Great job, Nick!

Mrs. Barricklow has chosen Sydney Roberts as her March Student of the Month for Advanced Child Development. Sydney is engaged at all times in class, answering questions and adding to the conversations with her own experiences.  She is kind to everyone and always has a smile on her face.  She is a joy to have in class.  Congratulations, Sydney! Thanks for always being respectful and responsible!

From Mrs. Kaiser: Congratulations to the Students of the month:

 Tori Wuestefeld  is the Fashion & Textiles class student nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser.  Tori does great work in class . She is a very dedicated student with a cute smile. Congratulations  and keep up the good work!

Ben Roth is the Preparing for College & Career class nominee for this month for Mrs. Kaiser.  Ben  is very dedicated and works hard. He is a positive student and answers questions. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

Aaron Barrett is the Advanced Nutrition & Wellness II class nominee for this month from Mrs. Kaiser.  Aaron is a well deserved student. He is a positive student and is working really hard this year. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

From Sara Shaver :On February 21, 2023, we attended the Work-Based Learning IMPACT Summit! At this event, Christian Stortz  was recognized as Intern of the Year for his contribution to the Franklin Circuit Court Clerk’s Office! Jacque Barricklow, Cathi St. John, Neysa R. Raible, Ruth A. Rowlett and Sara Shaver nominated him for this prestigious award. Congratulations! 

 From Mr. Hofer: The English Department would like to congratulate the following students for being selected for publication in the statewide Letters About Literature contest.  These students wrote letters to authors who have impacted their lives in some way and encouraged their love of reading. Congratulations to freshmen Serena Silas, Stevie Smith, and Dorothy Wendel for being selected. These students will be recognized for their participation in this contest during a statewide ceremony this spring. 

From Mr. Hofer: Congratulations to the Students of the Month from the ELA Department:

English Department Students of the Month for March

Savanna Leach, James Rowland, Andrew Morgan, Macey Ward, and Luke Rosemeyer

FCHS FCCLA State Leadership Conference Brings Home the Gold!!  

 1st. Row: Vivian Silas, Crystal Calihan, Choe Uehara and Ali Rudicil

2nd. Row: McKenzie Rogers, Aylssa Rapp, Lily Hurst, Cordy Snyder and Brooklynn Reams

3rd. Row: Adviser Beth Kaiser, Nazerke Kuttygulove, Jaedon Throp, Nick Perry, Alexa Gray and Co-Adviser, Jacque Barricklow. 

FCHS 13 members of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, adviser Beth Kaiser and Co-adviser Jacque Barricklow traveled to Muncie Indiana, March 5-7 for FCCLA State Leadership Conference.   The members came home with high ratings. 

FCCLA mission is to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences Education.  Focusing on the multiple roles of family members, wage earners, community leader members, develop skills for life through: character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge, and career preparation.

Sunday evening during the opening General Session with nine hundred  members and advisers. Monday evening during the third General Session FCCLA members were awarded for their State Projects that were judged during that day. Receiving Gold for  Early Childhood and Learning Pac,  Crystal Calihan & Vivian Silas, and Project Trend Board, Ali Rudicil & Cordy Snyder. Bronze for ECO, Alexa Gray & Lily Hurst.

Tuesday morning during the fourth session, STAR Events which, is a program where members give meaningful presentations, Nick Perry, received a silver award for Teach & Train. The FCCLA members represented Franklin county high school well.

From Mr. Deters:

This Semester students in Mr. Deters painting classes have created works using watercolor and acrylic paint. Students continue to use the elements and principles of art, techniques, and their talents, to complete creative inspirational works of art. Below are students working on a Still Life painting. A still life painting involves taking natural objects that have form and arranging them (staging) into a compositional state. Next the viewer is able to naturally observe and paint what is physically present.

Students working on Still life paintings.


ARTIST of the month

Hunter Marshall and Kelly Glardon

From Mrs. Schneider: See what is happening in Science:

BIOL 101 – Biology II

Biology II classes have been studying ecological relationships and human impact.  Students modeled the greenhouse effect and the carbon cycle to collect data on CO2 production and how this affects organisms.  

APHY 101/102 – Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology students are studying the digestive and urinary systems of the body and homeostasis.  Students modeled digestive processes, and are currently simulating kidney function and dialysis in the laboratory. 

BIOL 105 – AP Biology

AP Biology students are studying genetics and heredity, including complex inheritance patterns.  Currently in the laboratory they are focusing on unique features of DNA as genetic information. 

Early College Classes

Early College students are preparing for our endorsement visit from the Indiana Early College network this week!  Students have been preparing to be involved in hosting our evaluators by learning more about Early College initiatives and the goals of the overall program. 

From Mrs. Andrews and Ms. Erfman: 

So proud of the work that the  Biology 1 and Biology 1 Honors students completed during a mini research project. We are currently in our Meiosis Unit, where we talk about mutations and how they can cause disabilities. We had the students pick a famous inventor, scientist, artist, musician, actor, etc that had a disability but worked to overcome that disability to do what they loved to do. The students picked their famous person and did some research about them regarding their disability or health issues and why they are famous and focused on their big accomplishments. Mrs. Andrews and I went through all of our classes and picked some of the best ones to display in the hallway and we named the mural “I Define Me.” Both the students and us teachers had a good time with this project. I have attached a picture of it, but it is also in the hallway right across from Mrs. A’s room. 

From Mrs. Sharon Volk: Tessellation project completed by Mrs. Volk’s Geometry Class.

From Ms. Libecap’s Geometry Class created tessellation projects while learning about a chapter on geometric transformations.

From Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Herbert

Dept. of Technology and Engineering

Students of the Month

Construction – Spencer Bath

Manufacturing – Jared Welke

Communications – Marcus Kemp

Engineering –  Ben Banks

Computer Science – Cord Henley

Intro to Construction

Construction Olympics Winning Teams

1st Period

4th period

6th period

Intro to Manufacturing

Product Research and Development teams presented their product to a panel for approval.  2nd and 7th period classes have now chosen the product for this semester.

2nd periodhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1avQrOxHVpqFiDkuYC9gLnXllNjePXWtRYpcw2cPZeZvbGpl72GoJcsPv3xIgTITchJO2rvTdGB_ll7BLmQUsB3aTKwc24VyJre6xmsnh9mQQPb8t3Y4mEJ_mxFWrgJSwnNBVXN7nV7scwa6CJOnJUu5Iw=s20487th periodhttps://lh3.googleusercontent.com/DkTRbrQGUdFl_8OQNl502yzGSrezy0dwOv2YmPKPpQglrokjuHBnDDqV89CaMflOKmYxkYlqSnMUGHnFHaCRLVfoRf_DO1R3RvtSdEFhIfekq17GdSCF8ZidK1tQZCkM4xvzIVccRQU47nxk1g9vXroy-1doUTU6DrqtW6GWDPyxYR_9yEzAubVRhKteLAlp=s2048


Intro to Communication

Students have been busy using Principles of Design in creating multiple graphics design projects.

Students have created a Tri-fold brochure, How to/Demonstration digital presentation, and are beginning to learn how to create a website.


Computer Science I – 

CompSci 1 students are learning how to use parameters in their programs to make their programs more versatile in many situations. This month, the project is to create a library of functions that other students in the class, as well as across the globe on the code.org platform, can use in their own programs.

Computer Science II 

CompSci 2 students are learning how to turn image files into 2D arrays, or 2 dimensional lists. The students are using Java to change the images with visual effects like new image filters or shifting the image. The project of the month is to create a visual story using their custom created filters and image manipulation methods.

Intro to Engineering Design – 

Students in the Intro to Engineering Design class reverse engineered a common shuttle pen. Afterwards, they designed their own accessories and enhancements for the pen. You can vote for your favorites online here: https://forms.gle/T1aGXMoap7W9cokR7

A shout out to Ben Banks who has really grown as an engineer this year and is absolutely crushing it in our 3D modeling program, OnShape. 

Check out his latest design he made on top of what he has been working on in class! 

Interested in learning 3D modeling and engineering and design principles? Check out the FCHS Engineering classes!

Social Studies Happenings

From Mr. Stang -After studying the Constitutional Amendments last chapter, we are now moving on to Article I of the Constitution that involves the United States Congress. Students have researched our Indiana officials in the US House of Representatives and US Senate and what their jobs are. We are also learning about how each chamber of Congress works together and separately.

From Mr. Ebrens-Students in Economics class are participating against students from other schools in a simulation Stock Market game…Students buy and sell stocks to increase profit margins.

From Mr. Stacy -Students in U.S. History are learning about the Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal plan to put Americans back to work. Students in Psychology have been learning about all aspects of one’s personality trying to understand why people behave the way they do

From Mr. Vanmeter-World History: We just wrapped up talking about the Medieval time period. We learned about the spread and impact of Christianity. We dove into the parameters of the feudal systems and how the black plague killed 1/3 of Europe but brought Europe to the Renaissance time period.  World Geography: We just finished covering the physical and human geography of Russia. We learned about the population density of Russia and how the majority of them live in European Russia. The population that lives in the Asia parts of Russia are mostly Reindeer herders. We also had engaging lessons on the political system of Russia and Vladimir Putin.

From Mr. Baldwin and Mr. Herbert: Congratulations to the following students:

Dept. of Technology and Engineering

February Students of the Month

Construction –  Nick Vanoven

Communication – Tasha Baker

Manufacturing –  Christian Hinson

Engineering –  Andrew Morgan

Computer Science – Clayton Davis

Please take a look at the FCHS Athletics Page and follow our outstanding Spring Sports:


Parents/ Guardians: Thank you for supporting and being an important part of the FCHS Family. 

Go Cats!

Ms. Michelle South, M. Ed. 

FCHS, Principal