FCHS 4-14-20 Update and FAQ

Franklin County High School
April 14, 2020
Update and FAQs

I hope everyone is healthy and safe.  I wanted to send out an update for FCHS and answer a few questions that are being asked.

    1.  The Governor and the Department of Education have declared that seniors may receive credit/recognition for classes that they were enrolled in as of March 19, 2020, when schools were closed.  To receive credit/recognition for the classes enrolled:
      1. The senior must be a member of the 2020 cohort and was enrolled on March 19, 2020.
      2. the senior must participate in e-learning assignments.
      3. The senior must attempt e-learning activities.
      4. This includes CARE and Credit Recovery – PLATO courses.
      5. Teachers will grade all assignments and will enter grades in PowerSchool.



***The student’s earned semester grade will be used for the final transcript and final GPA.

  • Your grade will be calculated by weighting the 3rd Nine week Grading period by 75% and the 4th Nine Week Grading Period by 25%.

A student that does not earn a passing grade, will receive an “F” on his/her transcript and the “F” will be calculated into the GPA.

I-STEP and ASVAB have been canceled for this school year.  The Class of 2020 ONLY will have the passing of a Graduation Exam (ASVAB or I-Step 10) requirement suspended.  Their waiver that they needed to complete if they didn’t pass the ASVAB or iSTEP or complete a Pathway is also suspended. All seniors have to do is earn or be enrolled in the 40 credits.

Semester Exams have been canceled. Dual Credit Courses will still have to meet the College Requirements which will most likely require a semester exam.  Your dual credit teacher will let you know if a semester final is required.

Underclassmen (grades 9-11) – Have grades or assignments been waived for underclassmen?


There have been no waivers other than the school calendar being reduced from 180 days to 160 days.  

  • You must complete your E-learning activities.  
  • Your grade will be calculated by weighting the 3rd Nine week Grading period by 75% and the 4th Nine Week Grading Period by 25%.
  • If you do not pass a course, you will need to re-take the course during the 2020-2021 school year.

How do I get E-learning Packets?

  • Students without Internet service and have not been able to complete work on CANVAS to this point will be mailed packets if they request packets.
  • If you lose INTERNET service and now need to have packets sent, we will send assignments from that point forward.
  • Packets are mailed out every Monday morning.  It takes a few days for those to be delivered.  These can be large packages so that may not fit in some mailboxes.  The USPS has told us that they will place the package by the front door.
  • Hang on to the completed packets until FCHS gives you submission directions once the Travel Ban/Stay at Home Order has been lifted.

I have courses on PLATO (Credit Recovery) – How do I complete those without Internet?

When can I get my personal items out of my locker?

  • As soon as Franklin County Schools receive an all-clear from the local authorities or the Governor, we will allow students to come in to clean out lockers.
  • If you need something out of your locker for an assignment, please contact Mr. Isaacs or Mr. Riley through email to discuss.

PLATO – Credit Recovery

I am deeply concerned that students are not working on their Credit Recovery (PLATO) courses.  Mr. Bradburn reports that less than 5% of students are working on these courses.  The original May 13, 2020 PLATO course deadline is still in effect.  Please be sure to complete those courses by that date!!!! 

 Chromebook Repairs

Chromebook repairs, exchanges, and distribution will take place at a location listed below.  A sign will be posted on the entry door to the building asking the parent to call in. A technician will meet the parent at the exterior door.  Please direct parents to these locations if they are in need of physical repair.  Tech support can also be reached by calling the central office and dialing extension 1492.

Franklin County High
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