2016 Homecoming Parade

Homecoming festivities for Franklin County High School will occur the week of September 25th -30th. Many activities are planned to build the spirit and excitement for the football game between the Wildcats and the South Dearborn Knights.

Each day during Homecoming week has been designated as a special “dress up” day to help encourage the involvement of the whole student body. This year’s days are:
Monday – Professional Day
Tuesday – Frontier day
Wednesday – Color day
Thursday – Throwback Thursday

Boys Volleyball Tournament and the Powder Puff Football game will take place Friday ,September 30, at 12:45 before the pep session. Both of these events will be held at the high school on the football field.

A pep session will take place on Friday afternoon on the high school football field. Included in this year’s pep session will be performances from the cheerleaders, the Dancz Catz, and the Wildcat Band. Several other class competitions and skits will take place.

In preparation for the game, the Homecoming parade will take place on Friday, September 30. The participants are asked to assemble in the given locations around St. Michael’s Church by 4:30pm. Line up information will be available at the high school on Wednesday, September 27 and e-mailed to participants. The student council is also asking that participants do not toss candy to the spectators. Prior to the beginning of the parade, the floats entered by FCHS classes, FCHS clubs, and non-school organization/businesses will be judged.

At 5:00pm the parade will begin. The grand marshal for this year’s parade is Bynum Henson.

Parade Expectations

Goal for the Homecoming Parade:

The goal of the homecoming parade is to promote school spirit and pride.

This goal is reinforced by school and community clubs and organizations of Franklin County visually showing how much they support the youth of Franklin County.

Expectations for the Homecoming Parade:

Floats or marching units, etc. should show support for the Franklin County Wildcats and not have their own self interest (i.e. political units).
Entries will be responsible for any waste, garbage or debris.
Safety should be of utmost concern for people involved with the entry and should not pose any threat to the volunteers and spectators.
Throwing of candy is strictly prohibited. Candy must be passed out by walking participants.
Profanity, alcohol, tobacco, and references to them are prohibited.

Kickoff for the game between the Franklin County Wildcats and the is scheduled for 7:00 pm. At halftime the 2016 Homecoming Queen, will be crowned by Audrey Brack, the 2015 Homecoming Queen.