Student Resource Time (SRT)

2014 is the beginning of a new year, and also the start of a new program here at FCHS. On this page, you will find general guidelines relating to SRT and some of the features of this new program. Along with the addition of SRT, we will also be operating on a new weekly bell schedule.


  • Students are encouraged to work on schoolwork, meet with tutors, work with classmates on schoolwork (with teacher permission), or read during SRT.
  • The atmosphere of SRT must be such that those who have work can concentrate. Also, remember that there will sometimes be students making up tests and other schoolwork.
  • SRT is intended as time for students to use responsibly to work on class work or make­up missed schoolwork.

Assignment of Students
Students are to sign out at the end of the period before SRT and report to their SRT location. All other students should report back to their prior class. Students will be assigned to either the SRT teacher or the classroom teacher they are reporting back to, and are monitored by that classroom teacher. This SRT time serves both as a traditional study room and a resource room.

Expectations of Students

  • Each student reports directly to his/her SRT teacher or back to their previous classroom teacher. This time is, at the very least, to be used as study time. If a student is not attending a SRT location they must come to the SRT period with study or reading materials sufficient for the entire 25-minute period.
  • A student who wishes to attend a SRT must obtain a SRT pass from the staff member to whom he/she will report prior to SRT. Teachers will not give passes to students to leave the room during SRT time.
  • A student may attend only one destination during a SRT time.
  • A student must show the pass to the SRT/classroom teacher and sign out on a log sheet provided by the SRT/classroom teacher. The student must list intended destination.
  • Upon arrival to his/her destination, a student must sign in on a log sheet which will be provided by SRT teacher and return their SRT pass to the teacher. A student must stay in this location for the duration of the session; he/she may not leave early.
  • A student may not obtain an SRT pass from a substitute teacher.
  • A student who is truant for any reason from his/her assigned destination will be subject to the school truancy policy.
  • All behavioral expectations are applicable to SRT: electronic devices, sleeping, disruptions, failure to comply (not being prepared), etc.

Expectations of Staff

  • Each SRT/classroom teacher shall keep a log of all students who present passes to leave to attend another SRT. No student is to leave SRT without showing a pass that has been obtained from a SRT teacher of his/her intended destination prior to arriving.
  • SRT/classroom teachers are not to give any student a pass to leave except in the event of extreme emergency.
  • SRT teachers resource destinations must check passes of arriving students and have them sign a log sheet he/she will have prepared as a result of giving passes previously.
  • A student must stay in one location for the entire session.
  • Students may not leave early from a particular destination. Teachers are asked not to dismiss students from a session prior to the end of it.
  • Classroom teachers are asked to encourage students who need help to see them during SRT period.
  • For future reference, passes and logs should be stored by all SRT/classroom teachers until the end of the semester.
  • Names of students who do not comply with SRT/classroom expectations or do not report to an assigned destination should be reported to the attendance office.

Sustained Silent reading (SSR)
Rules for Sustained Silent Reading:

  • Students read self-selected materials silently.
  • Teachers models by reading silently at the same time.
  • Students select one book, magazine, or newspaper to read for the entire time period.
  • The whole school participates.
  • This is not a study hall. All students should be reading.