AR on the iPad

Students may now take AR quizzes using the iPad.  Here are the steps to begin…

  1. Go to the App store on each iPad and download the Accelerated Reader app made by Renaissance Learning Inc.
  2. Open the app and enter our RP:ID which is FCCSC-08HP.  You can also find this ID number on the AR login screen on the PC.
  3. After entering the ID and tapping “Join” you will now see the login screen.
  4. Students will login *exactly* as they would on the PC.
  5. Once logged in, students will enter the first few words of a book title and tap SEARCH.
  6. The student will then tap on the book they want and choose “Reading Practice” and then tap “Start Quiz.”
  7. Students will take the quiz just as they would on a PC.
  8. When finished with the quiz, it is IMPERATIVE that students LOGOUT before handing the iPad to another student for testing.

Remember, you MUST be in a wifi environment to take AR quizzes using the iPad.  Also, testing outside of our network is restricted.  Students are not able to access AR on any device from home.

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