Attendance Policy:

Regular school attendance is essential for success in the classroom and helps to develop patterns of attendance that  carry on into the workplace. Any absence, unexcused, excused, or exempted, can affect the student’s academic  performance due to lost instructional time. Indiana’s Compulsory Attendance Law IC 20-33-2 requires students to  attend school each year for the number of days the school is in session. IC 20-33-2-27 and 28, specify it is the  parent’s responsibility and duty to ensure that their child attends school.

Click the link below to read the enter Attendance Policy approved by the FCCSC Board of Trustees.

FCCSC Attendance Policy

Student Handbooks:

K-4 Student Handbook Middle School Student Handbook High School Student Handbook
FCHS Academic Handbook

Student Transfer Policy:

Non-Resident Transfer Policy as well as an application for transfer is available by clicking here.

Student Withdrawal Guidelines:

In the event that a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their child from school, please follow the procedures outlined below:
Determine the Reason:
1. Transferring to another school in INDIANA. Complete Form A
Code 19
2. Transferring to an OUT of state school. Complete Form A
Code 25
3. Transferring to Homeschool, Non-Accredited Non-Public School, or Virtual School. Complete Form A & B
Code 20 – Homeschool
Code 31 – Non-Accredited Non-Public School
Code 24 – Virtual School
4. Withdrawing for health reasons (mental and/or physical) Complete Form A & C
Code 10
5. Withdrawing per court order. Form A & C
Code 23
6. Reason other than those listed above. Form A & C
If a student is being withdrawn for any other reason, the parent/guardian shall be advised that Indiana Law requires all children between the ages of 7 and 18 to be enrolled in school. Students not enrolled in another public school, homeschool, virtual school, or a non-accredited non-public school shall be considered truant and subject to applicable laws and penalties.


Student Withdraw Forms:

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