Author/Illustrator Will Hillenbrand Visits Laurel School

DSCN5598Preschool through sixth grade students at Laurel Elementary and Junior High School enjoyed Will Hillenbrand’s presentation on Thursday, October 8, 2015.  Mr. Hillenbrand spent the day with the students and staff sharing his artistic talent and reading stories.  Mr. Hillenbrand also shared Thursday evening with parents.  Will Hillenbrand has illustrated and/or written over 60 children’s books including Down By the Barn, Bear in Love, All for a Dime, Sneeze, Big Bear Sneeze, and Snowman’s Story.  Will Hillenbrand shared how he uses Adobe Photoshop Sketch, Adobe Line and Ink, and the app Procreate to create his artwork.  He shared the importance of reading to everyone–sharing picture books is important because it allows the reader and listener to experience the book.  Mr. Hillenbrand stated, “Learning to read gives you freedom just like learning to ride a bike gives you freedom.”  Books help you to think big.  Mr. Hillenbrand fondly shared with his audience, “Adults cared enough to read to me and that made my world brighter.”

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