Building Administration

Building Administration:

Laurel School  
Lisa Baudendistel, Principal Pam Gutzwiler, Guidance Counselor
Linda Adams, Athletic Director Beverly Shera, Secretary
Lisa French, Assistant Secretary Amanda Bonilla, Nurse
Franklin County High School  
Keith Isaacs, Principal  Dustin Riley, Assistant Principal
 Sara Shaver, College & Career Counselor Nichole Christen, Guidance Counselor
Whiteney Gillman, Guidance Counselor Todd Sacksteder, Athletic Director
Amy Kunkel, Secretary , Secretary
Jennifer Graf, Guidance Secretary Patti Sauerland, Treasurer
Heather Bischoff, Nurse  
Brookville Middle School  
Chris Bundy, Principal Miranda Rauch, Guidance Counselor
Heidi Reuss, Assistant Principal Lisa Robinson, Athletic Director
Andrea Beasley, Secretary Helen Gillman, Secretary
Carolyn Eckerle, Nurse  
Brookville Elementary  
Jill Brack, Principal Shawna Fackey, Guidance Counselor
Rachel Hicks, Secretary Alyson Cochran, Secretary
Karen Anderson, Nurse  
Mt Carmel School  
Marla Stevens, Principal Shawna Fackey, Guidance Counselor
Emily Blades, Secretary Sharon Wendel, Secretary
Lori Kolb, Nurse  


 Building Websites

Click the link below for each building’s website.

Laurel School ImageLaurel School Franklin County High School ImageFranklin County High Brookville Middle SchoolBrookville Middle School
Brookville ElementaryBrookville Elementary Mount Carmel School ImageMt Carmel School central500xAdministration Offices


Student Withdraw Procedures:

In the event that a parent/guardian wishes to withdraw their child from school, please follow the procedures outlined below:
Determine the Reason:  
1. Transferring to another school in INDIANA. Complete Form A
Code 19
2. Transferring to an OUT of state school. Complete Form A
Code 25
3. Transferring to Homeschool, Non-Accredited Non-Public School, or Virtual School. Complete Form A & B
Code 20 – Homeschool
Code 31 – Non-Accredited Non-Public School
Code 24 – Virtual School
4. Withdrawing for health reasons (mental and/or physical) Complete Form A & C
Code 10
5. Withdrawing per court order. Form A & C
Code 23
6. Reason other than those listed above. Form A & C
If a student is being withdrawn for any other reason, the parent/guardian shall be advised that Indiana Law requires all children between the ages of 7 and 18 to be enrolled in school. Students not enrolled in another public school, homeschool, virtual school, or a non-accredited non-public school shall be considered truant and subject to applicable laws and penalties.
For full list and description of available Exit Codes, view the DOE-RealTime data layout for 2014-2015 by clicking here.


Student Withdraw Forms:

Student Entry/Exit Date Input:

  • Student Entry/Exit Reporting Form key
  • DOE-HB Homebound Reporting Form key
    • Report data for students that receive instruction at home or at a hospital due to an injury or a temporary or chronic illness during the collection period, Dec 2, 2014, through Dec 1, 2015. Report data only on those students for whom the school has received a written statement from the student’s doctor or Christian Science practitioner, in accordance with 511 IAC 7-42-13, indicating that he student has an injury, temporary or chronic illness, or other medical condition that will require the student’s absence for an aggregate of at least twenty (20) instructional days. If there are fewer than 20 instructional days remaining in the school year, and the student needs instruction to meet promotion or graduation requirements, the statement must indicate that the student will be unable to attend school through the end of the school year.


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