Technology FAQ

  • What if the student’s Chromebook is not working?
    Students may use any other device to access web-based programs such as Canvas.  If students have access to an electronic device that is able to access the internet, they can log in to Canvas.  If the student cannot find a way to complete the assignments, they should contact their teacher to inform them of the problem.
  • My child/student can not access wireless at home or other locations.
    At times a device can not access the wireless access/router you have at home or at another location. We recommend rebooting the device which will reset the wireless connection. Also, verify that the correct login and password for the wireless router are entered.
  • My child does not have a device.
    Students will have two days to turn in assignments when returning to school following an eLearning day.
  • Can more than one student use or login on a Chromebook?
    Yes, Chromebooks can have multiple user or login accounts on them.
  • My device is slow to connect to websites.
    We recommend rebooting the device to clear out the memory and reset the connections to the local wireless. Try connecting again.