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October 2022 Educator of the Month

Superintendent, Ms. Tammy Chavis, is pleased to announce that Mr. Denny Dorrel, Athletic Director at Franklin County High School, has been selected as October’s “Educator of the Month.” 

Mr. Denny Dorrel is in his fifth year as Athletic Director, and has an additional 14 years experience coaching college football. Denny earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Hanover College. 

Mr. Dorrel was nominated for this honor by a coach. When asked why Denny should be considered for this recognition, the coach responded, “Denny is such a strong moral example of how he leads his coaches and motivates the athletes. He is fair and ensures that everyone understands the rules and abides by them. Denny makes sure that every single player is set up for success and always has kind words to help take the sting out of losses. He encourages the coaches, supports their decisions, and helps to drive improvements in the programs. He remains positive at all times and goes out of his way for every sport. Mr. Dorrel is truly dedicated to helping all players and coaches succeed!” 

Denny spends the majority of his time at athletic events and coaching his own children in all of their sports. Denny’s family is very active in 4H, so working with his kids and their animals consumes the rest of his “free time.” 

When asked what he loves most about his job, Denny responded, “I love building trust and relationships with people. My favorite part of my job is watching those relationships grow and develop over the course of their time at Franklin County High School. I also enjoy raising my kids in a ‘gym’ and having Franklin County High School athletes be role models for my own children.” 

The purpose of the “Educator of the Month” program is to recognize outstanding Franklin County educators who demonstrate excellence in the classroom, leadership in the school, dedication to the students, and involvement in the community. Nomination forms for “Educator of the Month” can be found on the school corporation website at