November Educator of the Month

Superintendent, Dr. Debbie Howell, is pleased to publicize that Mrs. Jessie Summey, has been named as November’s “Educator of the Month”. According to Howell, Mrs. Summey is a “team player”. During the 2014-2015 school year, Mrs. Summey was a second grade teacher at Brookville Elementary. At the conclusion of the school year it was announced that based on enrollment numbers there would be a need for an additional section of third grade at the elementary for the 2015-2016 school year. Mrs. Summey stepped up to the plate, and to the delight of many of her students, moved up to teach third grade for this year.

Mrs. Summey holds a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from Indiana University East. After completing her student teaching at Brookville Elementary, Mrs. Summey was hired by Union County College Corner Joint School District. While at Union County, she taught Language Arts, mathematics, and remediation at the middle school. In addition, she taught third grade for three years at College Corner Union Elementary. In 2013, Mrs. Summey was hired by the Franklin County Community School Corporation, and was assigned to Brookville Elementary.

Mrs. Summey was nominated for this recognition by a parent of a student that was in her classroom last year and again this year. According to the parent, her son hopes that Mrs. Summey keeps moving up a grade level each year until he becomes a senior in high school so that he can have her as a teacher every year! The parent also notes that, “Mrs. Summey makes my child feel comfortable in her classroom. She adapts her teaching style to meet each child’s individual personality and learning style.”

Outside of school, Mrs. Summey is involved in her church’s children’s services and is a Sunday School teacher. She is married and has a young son. Together, they enjoy spending time outdoors, reading, and participating in activities at the library.

When asked what the best part of her job is, Mrs. Summey responded, “I love seeing students become independent thinkers as their confidence grows.”

Dr. Howell reports, “Mrs. Summey’s quiet demeanor is well suited to our elementary students. She is compassionate and caring. She knows and understands the Standards. Each day, she plans engaging lessons that help her students achieve academically.”

Parents and students are encouraged to nominate outstanding educators for this monthly recognition. Nomination forms for “Educator of the Month” can be found on the school corporation website at .