Building Projects

Franklin County High School
Addition/Renovation Project

Music Addition

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  • An 11,600 square foot addition will be constructed at the North West corner of Franklin County High School.
  • The band room, choir room, practice rooms, and music offices will be relocated to this new addition.
  • Recording studio
  • General music classroom
  • Increased storage
  • Additional restrooms
  • Alternative Education Classroom

TIMELINE:  Construction will begin late Summer of 2020.  Students will begin utilizing the addition in the Fall of 2021.

Athletic Facility Renovation

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  • The current choir room will be renovated to become two additional locker rooms.
  • The current keyboarding/piano lab, music office, and band room will be renovated to be a 3,550 square foot cardio and weights facility.
  • The current keyboarding/piano lab will be relocated and renovated with state of the art equipment
  • Current music storage and practice rooms will become drama storage.
  • Additional gymnasium space (one full court/3 half courts) will be freed up on the mezzanine for much needed, practice space.

TIMELINE:  Renovation will begin Fall of 2021.  Students will begin utilizing the renovated spaces in the Spring of 2022.

How will FCCSC pay for these projects?

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The project as defined under IC 6-1.1-20 is considered a non-controlled project and will not be subject to the petition or remonstrance process as defined under the statute.  The district intends to issue lease revenue bonds to finance all of the work to be completed, and the bonds are projected to have a final maturity in 2033.  The debt service on the new bonds is projected to replace some of the district’s current debt service that is scheduled to mature.  As such, the additional debt service is not projected to increase the district’s current debt service levy but will simply replace the maturing debt.  The new debt service will also be structured to allow the district to examine future capital needs as other existing debt matures.