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Naming the parts of the computer. 
4 Main Computer Parts: PDF
Computer Parts 1
Computer Parts 2

Logging in to the computer

HyperStudio Projects -
HStudio Player Required for Projects Below - Download Here

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Sums to 10

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Mapping: Using a list of cities across Indiana, ask students to use Indiana counties map and a mapping website such as http://www.mapquest.com to find and then locate on the map the location of these cities.  Students will need to locate on the website, which county the city is in.  Students should mark on the map where the city is loated.

Extension: Students can use the software package, Google Earth, to locate the cities from space.

Materials:  Indiana Counties Map - MS Word Format

Laurel Indianapolis Bloomington Lafayette
Fort Wayne Terre Haute Corydon South Bend
Evansville Richmond Vincennes Madison

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