Washington DC Trip Fundraiser Raffle Tickets Sale.

Hello everyone!

Hopefully, your 2021 has started on a good note for health and family.  Congrats to everyone who did such a great job selling beef sticks!  Those things brought in a lot of fundraising money.  The fundraising money is being sent into Worldstrides this week.  Your profits should be posted sometime next week.  We made about 40% from the sales.Our next fundraiser is a great one if everyone participates!  It is a donation drawing/raffle.  We will collect items from you until the end of January.  Anyone who turns in an item that can be raffled off will be allowed to sell tickets for the drawing.  All sales are 100% profit.  We have made the tickets ourselves, so there is no expense there.  The item should be worth around $25.  Some ideas are to ask businesses around town to donate a gift certificate; ask friends or family who own businesses to donate a service or item; ask someone to make something—food, craft, etc.; some families go together for the donation and purchase a higher priced item like headphones, an Xbox game, a gift basket, lottery ticket tree, etc.  If you have no one that you know to ask for a donation—and businesses don’t know you, I can create a letter that you can take to a business explaining the trip.  You will just have to let me know. We tried to give you an idea about this fundraiser back in December so you may have had a chance to ask around for a donation at that time.  We would like to have all the items turned in by the end of January.  We will hand out tickets to anyone who brings in an item to donate—when the item is donated.   You can always turn in the money and tickets (what you sell) and get more tickets.  We will sell the tickets for $1 each or 6 for $5.  The drawing date will be February 10.  The sooner you turn in the donated item, the longer you will have to sell the tickets.  The money needs to be collected when you sell the tickets.  At Laurel, you may turn in tickets and money to Mrs. Sheehan; at Mt. Carmel to Mrs. Grimmeissen, and at FCMS to Mr. Gutzwiller or Mrs. Mitchum.  You can always drop off tickets and money to us at FCMS at any time as well.  If turning the tickets into Laurel and Mt. Carmel, please do so by February 5, so that we can be assured of receiving the tickets at FCMS before the drawing.  (Sometimes it takes a couple of days for the inter-school mail to deliver back-n-forth between the schools.)  Be sure to cut up the sheets to form tickets prior to turning them in.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact one of us.  It’s a pretty easy fundraiser and it can raise LOTS of money for your trip.


Amy and Chad


  I have some good news.  I had a parent of a student going on the trip (also a teacher) volunteer to make a webpage of all the items that are donated for the fundraiser.  If you have already brought the items into school, I will take a picture of them and get them to her.  If you haven’t turned them in yet, take a picture of it and email it to Chelsea Stenger.  Her email is cstenger@fccsc.k12.in.us.  She is going to create a place where “buyers” of the tickets can go to see what will be available to win.  I don’t think Mrs. Gramman had anything like this before–basically people just knew that it was a donation for the students’ trip and bought tickets–then if they won–bonus!!  However, maybe we can make the sales more appealing by showing people what is available to win!  All schools should have the tickets now to give to you once you bring in your donation.  (Mrs. Stenger is helping at Mt. Carmel since Mrs. Grimmeissen is out for a few days.  Mrs. Sheehan should be back to school on Monday, but Mrs. Hanna is helping her get started.)  I can always get more tickets to Laurel and Mt. Carmel if needed, or you can come to FCMS and pick more up any day.  Simply bring in what you have sold, along with the money, we will give you more tickets.  This really has been a super fundraiser in past years–even when I started the trip in the 90s.  Take advantage of it if you can!

Here is the website where the items will be posted:   https://fcmsdc2021.weebly.com/
Let me know if you have any other questions.