Destination Excellence – May 2018

This month’s featured student is Izzie Riffle.  Izzie is a 4th grade student in Mrs. Goins class. She wants to become a physical therapist in the future. Right now, her plans are to attend Purdue University. She decided on physical therapy after watching a show about a girl who was in a car accident and she saw the care given to her. In school, Izzie likes to read (especially Diary of a Whimpy Kid series), do math and go to specials. She lives at home with her mom, dad, sister Maggie, and brothers Joe and Ben. They have too many pets to mention. Izzie likes school so much, she is not ready for summer break just yet! Good Luck Izzie!! You will do great things!

Is says, “In my future I plan to go to doctor’s college and become a physical therapist and help move people to feel better. I want to be an inspiration.”